Custom Frac Support and Truck Manifolds

Unload water for frac jobs in a controlled environment.


Our Cellar Tech group manufactures custom fracturing support and truck manifolds for use during completions. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, they are customizable to meet the needs of our customers.

Designed to contain spills, the manifolds unload water for frac jobs in a controlled environment; the containment skids can be drained to the impoundment for proper fluid disposal. Our frac support and truck manifolds are hot-dipped galvanized, helping resist corrosion for many years. Our custom truck unloading manifolds have a capacity for five simultaneous trucks, are self-contained, and transport as a single load with the corresponding containment skid. The frac support manifolds have 100-bpm capacity and are skid-mounted for easy transport. Both manifolds are reversible—left or right hand.

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