Closeup of CVC Series Choke Trim

CVC Series Choke

Our CVCME external sleeve trim-design choke offers the best erosion management in the industry, resulting in low cost of ownership over the life of your well.

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With its proprietary annulus and trim-design geometry, our CVC choke includes an efficient impingement process that efficiently dissipates energy and reduces velocity using the latest in fluid-management dynamics.

The use of micron-grade carbide and proven binding agents provides durability, controllability, and repeatability to best manage your well management program even when faced with “sand producers.” When it comes to unconventional production needs and low cost of operation, no one offers a solution better than the NOV CVC-ME external-sleeve design choke line.

NOV offers a complete line of choke solutions to fit your application:

  • CVC bean choke when flow adjustment is not needed
  • CVC-NS needle and seat trim design for simple choke applications
  • CVC-MP plug and cage design when high flow is needed for injection or conventional oil and gas production
  • CVC-ME external sleeve design available with various trim characteristics
  • Extra heavy wall for flow-back service
  • Multistage trim for very high pressure drops
  • Intermittent trim to synchronize with artificial lift
  • Multistage Choke Trim Flyer
  • Production Chokes Brochure
  • CVC Surface Production Chokes Data Sheet
Distance view of CVC Series Choke Trim on work site
Layer view render of CVC Series Choke Trim

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