Closeup of CVC Series Choke Trim

CVC Series Choke Trim

Our CVCME choke trim is designed to extend the service life of the choke valve and significantly outlast the competition.

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The CVCME choke design uses proprietary annulus and trim geometry to significantly improve the durability of the choke. In addition, the CVCME takes advantage of Z-6 submicron-grade carbide, which combines the highest impact and erosional resistance in the market.

Our CVCMP choke has similar features to and the same benefits as the CVCME, except it has a plug-in-cage design rather than an external sleeve. The CVCMP is for large-orifice, low-pressure applications and offers very fine control.

A multistage choke trim design is also available. This includes:

  • Concentric cage design using internal plug
  • Offers multiple pressure drops to counteract flashing and cavitation
  • Ideal for service with high pressure differentials
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Multistage Choke Trim Flyer
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Distance view of CVC Series Choke Trim on work site
Layer view render of CVC Series Choke Trim

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