Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover.


Cutting-edge rig protection

Drilling control systems and automation systems such as NOVOS™ are instrumental in enabling safe and efficient drilling operations. Compromised systems from intentional or unintentional attacks can put Industrial Control System (ICS) environments and operations at risk. Severe breaches lead to substantial operational, financial, and reputational damage.

To strengthen your rig system’s security posture, you need a robust cybersecurity strategy for vulnerability management, software updates, secure network protocols, and continuous monitoring.

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NOV’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect your rig control system installation. Our five-step approach includes:

  • Identify: We survey assets and conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts to reduce risk.
  • Protect: We provide updates to comply with ICS Security Standards like IEC 62443.
  • Detect: We provide continuous monitoring for early threat detection.
  • Respond: If an incident occurs, we respond quickly and provide mitigation recommendations to minimize potential damage.
  • Recover: In the event of a cyber attack, we strive to minimize downtime so you can resume normal operations.