d-Solve Nozzles

Bringing advanced dissolving technology to the completions industry.


Multiple nozzles are installed as part of the liner base pipe, screen completions eliminate wash pipe requirements and allow full customization based on the stimulation design. Our d-SolveTM nozzle features were designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, real-world flow testing, and high precision dissolving technology.

Each nozzle is equipped with an integral dissolving insert that was meticulously tested far beyond any requirements. The inserts don’t dissolve until exposure to a known fluid for a particular timeframe.

The nozzles provide access to the reservoir for stimulation and production operations once the timeframe is reached.

Features and benefits

  • Allows circulation through the entire liner during installation
  • Nozzle inserts dissolve only when exposed to a known fluid
  • Reaction is brine concentration-independent
  • Nozzles are installed as part of the base pipe, making it fully scalable
  • Fully compatible with acid stimulations and production flowback
  • Dissolving inserts can be tailored for specific applications
  • Holds enough internal pressure to allow for setting hydraulic-activated tools


  • Pre-perforated liners
  • Screen completions
  • Areas where delayed reservoir access is desirable
  • Full scalability technology can be deployed to any completion design
  • Acid stimulations
  • d-Solve Nozzles Spec Sheet

d-Solve nozzles renders