DASTRAC III Data Acquisition and Control System

Data acquisition and control program to acquire frac operations data from the wellsite process control units


Rolligon™ DASTRAC III is a PC-based data acquisition and control program designed to acquire frac operations data from wellsite process control units and other independent sensors. This program also monitors job performance and creates customer reports.

This software displays acquired data from the data acquisition system and from the CANbus or ethernet network. Acquired data can be displayed in both numeric and graphical form in real time during the job.

In addition, DASTRAC III allows operators in the data van to access the programming features of Rolligon-controlled blenders, hydration units, and liquid additive systems (LAS) connected to the data van. Using these modules, data van operators can change job profiles, scale parameters, advance stages, change stages, hold stages, and operate as if they were on the process unit.

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