Derrick Building

Complete turnkey package for all your derrick build project needs


Derrick Build Projects

Tuboscope Specialty Inspection Services (SIS) is the leading derrick specialist with vast experience in derrick and mast erection, repair, modification, maintenance, inspection, outfitting & equipment installation.

From derrick erection to outfitting accessories, piping, electrical installation and all types of drilling equipment, our experienced rig building crews can complete your new build derrick projects, removal or installation of drilling equipment including all hydraulic, pneumatic service piping & electrical installations.

We work with NOV Projects and Services groups for new builds and aftermarket maintenance including but not limited to:

  • Crown removal, inspection, assembly & installation
  • Top Drive Upgrades
  • Derrick Removal, Extensions and Upgrades
  • Dolly Track Replacement
  • PRS Electrical and hydraulic hose replacement
  • Racking Board disassembly & installation
  • Casing Stabbing Board disassembly & Installation
  • Winterization & Heat Shielding Installation
  • Bolt Change-outs
  • Derrick Washing, Blasting & Painting
  • Lighting System Replacement
  • Wind Wall disassembly & Installation
  • Wind Wall Stenciling
  • All steelwork disassembly, replacement, repair and installation

As a division of NOV we have access to the NOV OEM drawings and procedures that other 3rd party derrick building would not. Our Project Managers are derrick builders by trade and have the knowledge, competence and experience to plan and execute

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