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Dewatering System Services

We help you remove solids from unweighted drilling fluids and reduce waste volume for off-site removal and disposal.

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Dewatering services

Our dewatering services perform two vital functions. First, dewatering removes up to 99.5% of solids from unweighted drilling fluids, returning essentially clear water. This is important to reduce hydrostatic fluid column pressures and increase rate of penetration. Second, dewatering significantly reduces waste volume for off-site removal and disposal. The dewatering system includes one or more decanting centrifuges, a polymer aging and injection system, and pH adjustment. Solids, in the form of a dry cake, fall into a catch tank for storage, testing, and handling before disposal. The clean liquid phase is either returned to the mixing tank or sent to a holding tank for preparation and discharge.


Closed-loop processing system

Regardless of geographic location, WellSite Services’ FluidControl group provides complete solids control and waste management systems, including system design, equipment, commissioning, and operation. We have more than 20 years of experience in successful closed-loop, zero-discharge operation and waste management. BRANDT™ systems provide operators with efficient management of drilling waste.

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