Dies and Inserts

We manufacture over 5,000 different dies and inserts. Various tooth patterns are available for specific applications. Custom applications are always welcome.


Our MISSION™ Dies and Inserts employ customized manufacturing techniques to ensure consistent quality, proper fit, and a longer product life for our line of dies and inserts. These techniques include the use of shaped steel, precision tooling and fixtures, computer-controlled (CNC) equipment, and the valuable experience gained in decades of die and insert specialization. The improved design of MISSION dies and inserts results in improved performance and lower maintenance costs. We engineer and manufacture function and innovation into the conventional die and insert design to make them work better, last longer, and cost less. NOV is the OEM for all CDI and VARCO/BJ dies and inserts.

All our Dies and Inserts are made at our manufacturing facilities in Marble Falls, Texas or Scott, Louisiana.

  • MISSION Dies and Inserts CatalogA technical look at our MISSION custom dies and inserts portfolio.

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