Directional Drilling Packages

Efficient and reliable directional drilling with integrated, NOV-sourced products and technologies


As a leading independent supplier of oilfield tools and technologies, we offer a portfolio of products that delivers reliable, cost-effective performance in your directional drilling applications. By taking a holistic approach to our directional offering, we provide a solution across the entirety of the bottomhole assembly (BHA) that gives directional drillers around the world a unique opportunity to be a technical leader while efficiently managing their inventory and working capital.

Since your directional drilling campaigns include challenges such as complex geometries, high temperatures, and extended-reach unconventionals, our modular approach allows significant flexibility to configure the tools you need for a wide variety of applications. Our directional drilling technologies are available through a variety of commercial models, which enables you to maintain the tools, ensure they are cost effectively deployed, and successfully deliver your wells on plan.

As a leading directional drilling technology provider, our experienced personnel and innovative R&D facilities are solely focused on designing, manufacturing, and supporting your directional drilling projects with the tools you need to compete globally.

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Drill bits

Our ReedHycalog™ drill bits can be tailored and optimized to fit any directional drilling application. Featuring advanced bit body geometry and the latest generation PDC technology, our bits can be matched to perform in tandem with the dynamics of your directional BHA, increasing your ROP and minimizing NPT while delivering reliable, cost-effective performance.

Tektonic Drill Bits

Vector Downhole Motors

Our ERT power sections matched with our shorter bit-to-bend Vector™ Series 50 platform provide a robust, high-torque motor that aids in better directional control versus the longer length power sections and motors that are available in the market.

Drilling Power Sections

Vector Series 50 SelectShift Downhole Adjustable Motor

The SelectShift™ downhole adjustable motor offers downhole adjustment of the motor bend setting, saving time and money by eliminating trips and optimizing critical drilling parameters. In the straight setting, the motor limits hole tortuosity, aids in hole cleaning, and allows for higher drillstring rotation. The bend setting allows for directional steer and when faster correction is needed. 

Vector Series 50 SelectShift Downhole Adjustable Motor

Borehole Conditioning

Complex directional profiles result in high drilling torque and difficult trips. Our Dog Leg Reamer borehole conditioning tool improves wellbore quality by eliminating ledges and micro-tortuosity, resulting in less string torque and reduced trip times.

DL Reamer

Agitator Systems

The Agitator™ System is 100% compatible with all drive-type systems, including motors and RSS, as well as all MWD/LWD systems. The Agitator system is the most efficient technology to reduce downhole vibration, deliver consistent differential to the bit, and increase drilling performance. Directional drillers and rig personnel continuously report the Agitator’s friction breaking energy improves weight transfer and directional control with both motor BHAs as well as RSS BHAs.

AgitatorHE System
AgitatorHE On-Demand System
AgitatorRS System

Rotary Steerables

Rotary steerable systems (RSS) have become standard equipment in many directional drilling operations, and we ensure that directional drillers around the world have access to this critical technology. We offer two different systems that use industry-preferred push-the-bit steering:

VectorEXAKT™ – precise vertical control for large diameter sections 
VectorZIEL™ – premium, 3D RSS with integrated MWD/LWD 

VectorZIEL Rotary Steerable System


The Tolteq™ iSeries product line, which is our probe-based, mud-pulse MWD portfolio, is a modular platform that provides directional drillers with significant flexibility to configure and deploy the tools in a wide variety of applications. Offered in both a legacy retrievable design with a bottom-mount pulser or in a fixed, top-mount pulser configuration, our Tolteq iSeries kits include everything required to run an MWD job.

Tolteq iSeries Measurement While Drilling System

We also offer logging-while-drilling (LWD) measurements that include azimuthal gamma and resistivity. Using the Tolteq MWD platform, these tools provide the formation data in real time as well as in memory. With independent access to these critical measurements, directional drillers can now expand their capabilities and offerings into new and higher tier markets. 

Tolteq Symmetric Propagation Resistivity Tool

Vertical Monitoring Tools

We offer the broadest range of fit-for-purpose vertical monitoring and survey-on-connection tools in the industry. Our Teledrift™ and FloTools™ product lines provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional MWD or wireline-deployed survey tools when drilling vertical sections. Known worldwide for their simplicity and reliability, our tools can be run without dedicated rigsite supervision with remote access to survey data available.

Teledrift Proshot MWD Tool
FloDrift Real-time Drift Tool

Wired Drill Pipe

Our IntelliServ™ high-speed bi-directional data network provides instantaneous transfer of real-time data from the BHA and along-string measurement tools to surface, enabling continuous control of downhole tools. The increased speed and high-quality data transmission allow for better real-time directional understanding and control, improved borehole placement, increased ROP (by eliminating ROP limiters), and reduced drilling time per well. 

IntelliServ Wired Drill Pipe

High-Speed MWD

M/D Totco’s™ BlackStream™ measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tool combines its enhanced measurement system (EMS) tool with a direction and inclination probe as well as a gamma sensor to provide real-time measurements of both drilling dynamics and wellbore position. Through connection of the BlackStream MWD tool to the IntelliServ wired drillstring, high-frequency downhole data is available in real time at rates up to 80 Hz. This combination tool provides valuable data to monitor the BHA’s dynamic state and delivers real-time directional data with no loss of time when compared to traditional surveys.

BlackStream Measurement While Drilling Tool

Digital Oilfield

M/D Totco's industry-leading RigSense™ electronic drilling recorder provides surface data acquisition, software analysis capabilities, and visualization functions to well construction teams, giving them the information they need to optimize their directional drilling performance. 

Additionally our DrillLink™ automated control system generates command sequences for downlinking to RSS and other downhole tools, eliminating the need for the directional driller to constantly monitor a stopwatch while giving verbal instructions to the driller. The system digitizes and modifies the directional driller’s throttle signals to send precise downlinking commands by using the rig’s own control system to regulate the speed of the mud pumps. With DrillLink automation, the code in the downhole tool can be modified to recognize shorter duration pulses, resulting in significant time savings.