Dished-Head Tubing Reel

Dished-Head Tubing Reel

Designed for a nominal capacity of 24,000 ft of 2⅜-in. tubing

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With a flange diameter of 172 in. and a width between the flanges of 102 in., our dished-head tubing reel is designed for a nominal tubing capacity of 24,000 ft of 2⅜-in. tubing with a maximum tare of 110,000 lb.

Our dished-head tubing reel has a large, 96-in. diameter core and is used on our Genesis™ ST2438 coiled tubing units. Mounting the reel through the trailer rails lowers the overall height and center of gravity when used as part of our new line of trailer-mounted coiled tubing units. Alternatively, it may be mounted on a skid for offshore work.

Each dished-head tubing reel is customized and fit-for-purpose to ensure maximum safety and efficiency for all your coiled tubing operations.

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