DL Reamer

Cost-effective, real-time solution that delivers improved wellbore geometry and reduced trip times


Condition your wellbore with maximum efficiency

Our DL reamer provides improved drill bit efficiency and durability to reduce the number of trips made in each hole section, which can frequently deteriorate wellbore quality. As a result, weight-transfer issues can occur during drilling operations, in addition to increased tight spots, backreaming during trips, and difficulty running casing or liners.

Our DL reamer has a unique design that enables it to marginally increase the wellbore diameter while still rotating concentrically. Our proprietary placement program ensures optimal tool placement in the bottomhole assembly (BHA), not only guaranteeing maximum tool efficiency but also ensuring there are no negative effects on the bending stresses or contact forces.


  • One-piece construction – Manufactured from a single piece of steel containing material properties that optimally match the connection requirements. This ensures a strong, robust design that is properly paired with the adjacent drillstring components.
  • Eccentric design – By slightly enlarging the wellbore and reducing the DL severity, this significantly improves the efficiency of the tool while ensuring the bit will be able to pass through without the need for backreaming.
  • Proprietary placement program – This unique, in-house-developed software enables DL reamer placement in the BHA, where it is most beneficial from a borehole conditioning perspective, ensuring there are no negative effects on the bending stresses or contact forces.
  • Low-torque cutting structure – Designed so that the tool will generate less than 5% of the reactive torque generated by the drill bit with which it is used. In most applications, this results in reduced surface toque compared to similar offset runs without the DL reamer in the BHA.
  • Bidirectional cutting structures – Ensure that the tool is actively improving the wellbore when drilling ahead but also whenever the string is rotating and moving in either direction.
  • Maximized tool ID – Intentionally designed to minimize pressure loss through the tool while it allows fishing of most retrievable measurement-while-drilling components.
  • Unique blade layout – Designed to offer maximum protection to the cutting structure during drillout and increase the efficiency of the blades to agitate cuttings on the low side of the wellbore in high-angle directional applications.
  • Large selection of premium PDC cutters – Cutter type and geometry can be optimized to suit the demands of each specific application
  • DL Reamer Technical Summary

Angled vertical render of a DL Reamer
Top render of a DL Reamer
Side render of a DL Reamer

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