Double-Acting Hydraulic Intensifier Tool

Increase impulse force impact on your drill string downhole with our double-acting hydraulic Intensifier tool.


Our Intensifier™ tool acts as a reflection point for the impact wave traveling through the drill string, extending the range of the jarring effect downhole.

We engineered the Intensifier tool with the ability to increase the impact or impulse forces applied to the drill string by varying the amount of mass included between the tool and your drilling jar. Additionally, the double-action feature of the Intensifier tool improves the efficiency of your overall jarring operation. Because the maximum force to extend the tool differs from the maximum force to compress, you’ll get optimum efficiency in both directions.


  • Fully sealed and lubricated
  • Ensures maximum jarring efficiency
  • Dependable operation in continuous drilling service
  • Operates in both up and down directions
  • Increased impact – Multiplies impact up to 500%, and fluid spring provides a significantly higher force than mechanical springs
  • Greater efficiency – Hydraulic amplification in up and down stroke
  • Protection for surface equipment – Acts as a reflection point for the impact wave, keeping these forces below the tool