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Optimize your drilling performance and decision-making through real-time downhole dynamics measurements

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The critical link between you and your downhole performance

When every second counts, real-time downhole measurements and accurate data provide the insights you need to mitigate events such as stuck pipe or additional circulating hours. The ability to quickly augment your drilling approach in response to downhole dynamics allows you to safely drill to your technical limits while avoiding costly nonproductive time.

Our M/D Totco™ downhole broadband solutions rely on accurate BlackStream™ downhole sensors and IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe (WDP) to acquire high-speed, downhole dynamics measurements that support a suite of applications, viewers, and controls focused on optimizing your drilling performance. Using a closed-loop digital platform and high-speed telemetry, the system creates a bidirectional link to real-time drillstring dynamics and pressure measurements along the wellbore.

Our services provide downhole visualization and analytics capabilities on both the rigsites and your operational centers around the world, turning downhole data into actionable insight and recommendations that help you drill faster and more efficiently while achieving consistent, safe operations.


A dynamic optimization platform built on powerful technologies

Our BlackStream series of collar-based dynamics measurement tools work in concert with our IntelliServ wired drillstring to improve telemetry times and deliver high-frequency downhole data. The BlackStream enhanced measurement system (EMS) tool provides real-time measurements of both drilling dynamics and wellbore quality. With the addition of our BlackStream along-string measurement (ASM) tool, the total dynamic environment of the drillstring can be evaluated as it relates to temperature, annular and bore pressure, rotational velocity, and three-axis vibration. Both tools can be run simultaneously in flexible configurations in multiple placements. 


Digital applications – Drilling performance and downhole insight

The downhole broadband solutions system acquires and transmits real-time downhole measurements at multiple positions along the drillstring, including internal and annular pressure, temperature, rotation, three-axis vibration, downhole weight on bit, and downhole torque on bit. The acquired data enables software applications to improve your situational decision-making and enhance the implementation of your drilling program. M/D Totco™ digital applications can be installed on the drilling control network (DCN) platform and the NOVOS™ reflexive drilling system, where your drilling optimization program can be driven by surface data or with input from downhole sensors through IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe (WDP), including BlackStream™ along-string measurement (ASM), BlackStream measurement-while drilling (MWD), and BlackStream enhanced measurement system (EMS).

Equivalent fluid density viewer

Identify and mitigate areas with increased ECD and pressure

  • Uses heatmap to visualize ASM data for downhole annular pressure
  • Aids in understanding the values relative to the appropriate FIT/LOT (formation integrity test/leakoff test)
  • Provides an enhanced wellbore and drilling condition understanding
  • Reduces operational risk and maximizing hole cleaning performance

EFD Viewer

Vibration viewer

Measure the impact of surface parameter changes on drilling dynamics

  • Visualizes ASM and EMS dynamics data and can identify both the severity and location of drillstring dysfunction
  • Plots torsional, lateral, and axial vibrations against surface parameters to put information back into real-time context
  • Quick-acting gauges provide immediate feedback on changes, allowing adjustments in surface drilling parameters that can mitigate or reduce potentially damaging downhole dynamics

Vibration Viewer

Tripping viewer and Data while tripping

Apply safe pump rates and tripping speeds while staying within the envelope

  •  Helps determine safe pump rates and tripping speeds without exceeding well limitations
  • Plots downhole measured and predicted along-string pressure data
  • Real-time and modelled data verify pressure conditions
  • Allows communications with downhole components while drillsting is hanging off top drive elevator
  • Mitigates risk in real time, allowing tripping to be performed in safe and optimized manner

Tripping Viewer

Envelope protection

Maintain well control through pump rates and tripping speeds

  • Data from viewers and comprehensive model fed directly from native application to control system
  • Prevents hoist acceleration and pump ramping speeds from exceeding set limits
  • Ensures fracture and pore pressure limits are not exceeded while allowing for safe and controlled tripping operation

Envelope Protection

Torque and drag viewer

Minimize risk in tight spots while tripping out or running casing

  • Consistent and reliable downhole friction monitoring
  • Early identification of wellbore-related issues
  • Automatically records torque and drag measurements as per friction tests performed by the NOVOS system
  • Alarms notify of deviation from simulations and models

Torque and Drag Viewer

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