Drill Pipe

Built for durability and performance by the industry's leading drill pipe manufacturer


Drill pipe designed to deliver value

At Grant Prideco, it’s our mission to increase efficiency, improve performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership. From the design room to the wellsite, we produce the industry’s highest-quality, innovative drill pipe technologies that will help you achieve lasting success. 

With our worldwide operations, expert engineering and design resources, and global service network, we are the source for all your drill stem needs.

Connection technologies

As the leader in the development of rotary-shouldered connections, our products are engineered to optimize drill pipe performance. With four generations of double-shouldered connections, we have developed technologies to meet the demands of any drilling challenge.

Grade technologies

Grant Prideco’s purposefully engineered drill pipe material grades provide increased product performance and integrity. Our high-strength grades help you drill safer and deeper with reduced hook loads and improved hydraulics. Our sour service grades deliver outstanding performance while resisting sulfide stress cracking (SSC), helping you drill safely and efficiently in harsh, sour conditions.

Custom-engineered products

In addition to a complete line of drill stem products and accessories, we design, engineer, qualify, and produce fit-for-purpose solutions for specialized or unusually demanding drilling, completion, and intervention operations. With our portfolio of projects developed in partnership with operators, we are the premier provider of customized drilling solutions.


How Drill Pipe is Made

Grant Prideco provides the industry with the three most important considerations for drill pipe: quality, technology, and economy. Our drill stem products are designed to optimize drilling performance and deliver value in today’s most challenging land and offshore wells.

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