Image of two Solid Body Latch or Wiper Darts

Drill Pipe Darts

Optimized wiping efficiencies and improved cement integrity.

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Drill pipe darts (DPD) separate the cement column in the drillstring and activate/release the wiper plugs. We offer a range of DPD to meet the requirements of your operations.

Solid-body latch collar and wiper dart

The solid-body dart latch collar is a field-proven assembly designed to positively lock our latch-down wiper dart. Elastomeric seals on the wiper dart nose seal within the latch collar assembly to provide pressure integrity from above and below, while a locking slip firmly locks the dart in place. A solid no-go ensures the dart cannot be pumped through the latch collar assembly when pressure is applied from above.


  • Fully configurable wiper dart design
  • Single-piece body with no potential leak paths
  • Millable internal latch insert
  • Positive locking mechanism
  • Solid no-go design
  • Wiper dart can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate mono-bore casing, tapered strings, liners, and ball-drop sleeves.
  • Locking mechanism prevents the dart from becoming unseated after the cementing operation to ensure the wellbore integrity remains intact.

Drill pipe dart with wiper ball

For the duo-wiper plug system, one drill pipe dart is pumped before and behind the cement column. With the single-wiper plug, only the drill pipe dart behind the cement column is used. Our sponge-ball drill pipe dart provides outstanding sealing properties in the drill pipe combined with optimal cleaning and wiping efficiencies across a range of sizes.


  • Available for all drill pipe sizes
  • One-size string or combined string
  • Available with lock feature

Solid Body Latch Collar and Wiper Dart Specifications

Solid body dart latch 450
OD 5.50 in. (139.70 mm)
Body ID 3.90 in. (99.06 mm)
Length 14.25 in. (361.95 mm)
Material P-110
Burst/collapse pressure As per connections
Differential pressure1 10,000 psi (69 000 kPa)
Connections2 LTC standard

1 From above and below with the dart latched in

2 Premium connections available on request

  • Solid Body Dart Latch Collar and Wiper Dart Data Sheet
  • Drill Pipe Darts and Setting Ball Data Sheet

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