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NOV Automation

NOV Drilling Automation

Realize autonomous process operation with a system of intelligent control, advanced material handling, and remote operation.

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Tomorrow’s drilling rig – today.

Land or offshore, NOV’s autonomous solutions can be integrated into existing equipment and controls, giving you the ability to retrofit your rig operation to fit your needs. As the industry evolves, we continue to deliver process improvements that pioneer how wellbores are constructed, and we can provide the fully-automated rig to achieve it.

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    Efficient wellbore construction through optimized drilling and enhanced rig process control

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    Automate repetitive tasks, allowing the driller to focus on consistent process execution and safety

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Our fleet of ATOM products are designed to give you the very best equipment to help you manage the autonomous transfer of all your materials on your rig. From the root equipment like iron roughnecks and pipe rackers to advanced drill floor robotics (ATOM RTX), our ATOM Performance equipment can be customized to your rig to help optimize your operation.



The NOVOS Controls suite consists of all NOV operating systems and applications that help operate and monitor your automation equipment. This includes NOVOS Drill, Multi-machine control, Machine Control Diagnostics Tool, Dynamic Optimum Routing System, and NOVOS Apps – all designed to streamline your automated operations and keep your rig performing at its best.

AURA SERIES Remote display


Our AURA solutions and services bring multiple worlds together in order to leverage the expertise and insights of your entire team. Common views, in a clear, high resolution format are available along with configurable information streams to suit the operation at hand. This includes programs such as Automation Lifecycle Management and equipment monitoring, as well as remote operation products like AURA Drill and AURA Lift which are designed to enhance rig floor and crane operations.

AC Ideal Prime Land Drilling Rig
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Downhole Broadband Solution
Drill floor
Robotic arm
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Data Security and Trust Center

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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