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Drilling Automation

Fully automated closed-loop drilling

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NOV Automation is a world-first drilling automation initiative designed to unite the surface and downhole environments. We’ve brought together the NOVOS™ reflexive drilling system, a suite of downhole tools and software performance applications from our eVolve™ service, and IntelliServ™ wired drill pipe to deliver full, closed-loop drilling automation. This is the future of well construction. 

NOVOS is integrated into the rig’s base-level control system, using an imported well plan that describes desired drilling parameter ranges to automatically perform planned operations until total depth is reached. The eVolve technology suite includes downhole drilling dynamics tools that collect along-string data in real time and intelligent software applications at surface, which analyze the data and distribute demands to the rig’s control system to adjust equipment functions. Wired drill pipe acts as a technology enabler, delivering the collected data instantaneously from the downhole tools to the surface equipment and applications. Wired drill pipe effectively turns the lights on deep in the earth, allowing drillers to understand downhole dynamics with previously unheard-of clarity and address drilling dysfunctions, performance limiters, and HSE concerns.

Spud-to-TD Time Improved by 43% in Eagle Ford

Our client needed to significantly improve well economics without sacrificing rigsite safety. NOV improved drilling performance by using an automated drilling control system informed by high-speed downhole dynamics data.

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Reservoir Access Extended by an Additional 15%

Our client's structurally complex wells required a complete understanding of the drilling environment. NOV safely increased ROP, gaining additional reservoir access and saving the drilling costs of one well.

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    Efficient wellbore construction through optimized drilling and enhanced rig process control

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