NOV Drilling Automation

Combining full process automation and data integration to increase safety, performance, and consistency in drilling operations.


Tomorrow’s drilling rig – today.

For decades, NOV has designed and engineered autonomous solutions to make drilling operations—land and offshore—safer and more efficient and reduce their environmental impact. As the industry evolves, we are uniquely positioned to continue to deliver pioneering process automation improvements that optimize well construction.

Our comprehensive drilling automation portfolio consists of intelligent control systems, material handling technologies, and remote visualization solutions. These industry-leading products work together and seamlessly integrate into existing equipment and controls, enhancing what you have today to give you the rig of the future.

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  • NOV Automation BrochureEfficient wellbore construction through optimized drilling and enhanced rig process control

  • NOVOS Reflexive Drilling System BrochureAutomate repetitive tasks, allowing the driller to focus on consistent process execution and safety

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Control Systems

Optimize process execution

Extend levels of automation and streamline operations with our control systems and applications.


Precise, safe movement

Experience a hands-free drill floor with our robotics and heavy-duty equipment technologies.


Visualize across locations

Collaborate and access invaluable insights with our data-sharing and visualization solutions.

Optimize process execution

Drilling control systems and rig automation enhance the driller's command over the equipment. Our vast control systems and applications are designed to streamline your automated operations and keep your rig performing at its best. These systems seamlessly integrate drilling equipment for an optimal user experience, improving performance, consistency, and safety.

Automating repetitive activities and enabling multiple applications (apps) allow rig crews to focus on consistent process execution and safety while optimizing drilling programs for operators. Through structured data and defined process automation activities, engineers can develop and apply best practices across regions and rig fleets.

Visualize across locations

Empower your team with remote visualization for seamless and efficient operations. Facilitating a mutual understanding of the overarching situation allows teams to coordinate with precision, collaborate without obstacles, and direct their efforts toward shared objectives. This fosters improved harmony, streamlined interactions, and efficient use of resources, culminating in superior execution quality, minimized mistakes, and boosted productivity throughout various sites.

NOV provides data-sharing and visualization solutions that offer invaluable insights. These insights enable the entire well execution team to make well-informed decisions, predict potential hazards, and fine-tune their operations for maximum efficiency and safety. With remote visualization, these benefits can be accessed from anywhere, improving the real-time understanding of operations and equipment status and condition. This allows for immediate action and response, reducing downtime and enhancing overall operational safety and efficiency on rigs.

Explore more about our AURA™ visualization platform.
Render of an NOV employee sitting at a control station reviewing data on monitors

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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