DBA | Drilling Beliefs & Analytics

Take action earlier, using AI-backed insights to reduce drilling risks and improve well delivery results


Act earlier, with confidence

Drilling Beliefs & Analytics (DBA) employs artificial intelligence (AI) to provide valuable insights into critical well conditions. This enables wellsite and office personnel to make well-informed, real-time decisions that reduce risks and enhance well delivery results.

Wellbore understanding has traditionally relied on human interpretation of numerous data points, but the demands of rig operations often make it challenging to dedicate sufficient attention to these correlations. This can result in delayed recognition and response to issues such as ballooning, pack off, cuttings build up, or bit whirl. DBA offers a solution by providing real-time understanding through a probability index or belief system that assesses the likelihood of such situations occurring. This allows personnel to prioritize their focus on critical matters, precisely when it is required.

Available on NOV’s Max Platform™, our integrated applications provide a single version of the truth, enabling the wellsite and office to share insights in real time to drive operational efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Proactively mitigate risks with early event identification
  • Visual and audible alarms for quick detection of issues
  • Real-time actionable insights backed by AI and Bayesian models
  • Understandable AI, with fully exposed decision tree for results you can trust
  • Highlights ideal parameter range to improve rate of penetration (ROP) and run lengths
  • Real-time, automated modeling of torque & drag and swab & surge improves efficiency
  • Analytics run at the edge ensure availability regardless of cloud connectivity
  • Extend capabilities with integrated or Max Partner™ applications
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    Max Ready products are fully compatible with our Max digital ecosystem, meaning they're designed to make your data easy to consume, manage, and act upon.

    The Max digital ecosystem reframes the way you look at data and allows you to aggregate and derive real meaning from an otherwise overwhelming volume of data. You can capture, contextualize, analyze, transform, and visualize your data in real time, at high speed, at the edge and in the cloud all within Max.

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    Backed by our experts in the field and in the office with 24/7 support, you can count on us to deliver your data securely — where, when and how you need it. Contact us at [email protected] or 1 (844) 638-6826.

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