Drilling Control Systems and Rig Automation

Leading the industry in rig automation, our control systems seamlessly integrate drilling equipment, improve performance, and boost drilling efficiency.


Process automation platform – NOVOS

As the industry’s only reflexive drilling system, NOVOS provides control and consistency of rig automation to any operation. By enabling your drillers to automate repetitive drilling activities, the result is consistent performance, with every driller—regardless of individual experience level—achieving improved performance time and time again.

Integrated drilling systems

Our integrated drilling systems Amphion and Cyberbase equip you with the necessary information for increased drilling control over the rig equipment. They merge direct machine control, rig automation, drilling data, CCTV, and third-party information into one coherent system so you can make the right decisions.

Machine control systems

We use advanced technology to enhance safety and efficiency and reduce redundancy on your rig by providing control systems that automate drill floor processes and equipment interaction. Our machine control systems help prevent power blackouts, mitigate dropped pipe, and avoid tool collisions. We also offer a variety of single-tool interfaces, making our systems flexible enough to accommodate a range of drill floor processes.

Control rooms and cabins

For over 20 years, we’ve provided state-of-the-art control rooms and cabins to the drilling industry, helping our customers provide a safe and efficient work environment. We build on what we know works using our experience and purposeful innovation to meet your needs and expectations on quality, reliability, and lifecycle costs of your equipment.

  • NOVOS Reflexive Drilling System BrochureAutomate repetitive tasks, allowing the driller to focus on consistent process execution and safety

  • NOV Automation BrochureEfficient wellbore construction through optimized drilling and enhanced rig process control

  • Onshore Product Reference GuideA technical look at our onshore rig equipment product portfolio

  • Offshore Product Reference GuideA technical look at our offshore rig equipment product portfolio

  • Amphion Integrated Drilling Control System BrochureA fully integrated, networked drilling control solution in a compact, comfortable, and cost-effective package

  • Machine Control Diagnostic Tool (MCDT) FlyerA faster way to find and fix machine errors

  • NOV Driller's Workstation - RISE for Amphion FlyerA workstation with full freedom and ergonomic control

  • NOV Driller's Workstation RISE for Cyberbase FlyerA workstation with full freedom and ergonomic control

  • Auto Driller Technology FlyerDownhole data advance rig-floor surface automation and drilling efficiency

  • Cyberbase Rig Control System Spec SheetA technical look at our Cyberbase Control System

  • NOVOS reduces connection times for major operator on Alaskan North Slope Case Study

  • NOVOS and wired drill pipe Case Study

Drilling control systems and drilling automation enhance and improve the driller's control over rig equipment, improving drilling efficiency and increasing safety for all personnel.

In addition to giving you command of your rig, NOV drilling controls and rig automation expand the capabilities of your equipment, improving performance and increasing consistency.

Man in NOV driller's chair using NOVOS rig automation platform to perform Tag application procedure
NOVOS reflexive drilling screen used on RISE driller's chair workstation
Offshore driller’s cabin and NOV control station touchscreens
NOV Cyberbase offshore driller's chair for drilling control

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