Drilling Fluid Processing System

Through our legacy Procon brand, we supply a comprehensive mud system that includes automated fluid routing, bulk storage, transfer, mud mixing, and additive processing.


A comprehensive drilling fluid system engineered for efficiency

We manufacture and supply a full range of drilling-fluid processing equipment and control systems that help our customers plan, route, and automate their bulk handling and mixing operations. Our drilling fluid system maximize your asset value by helping to reduce nonproductive time (NPT), overall costs, and HSE impacts.

Our solids control solution simplifies asset management through remote and automated operation of shale-shaker feed-gate valves, remote operation of degassers, and remote operation of cutting screws, including auto sequences.

Our mix/additive offers reliable, improved performance through a process overview, an automated hopper/mixer, and automatic feeding that can be completed from the sack-cutting unit, big-bag emptying unit, liquid skid, and surge tank feeder (measuring density, weigh maintenance, batch, and rate modes).

For storage and pumping, we elevate your efficiency with a process overview as well as level monitoring with density, tank content labels, and tripping of LP pumps on level in batch mode. Our automatic operations, including valve lineup for mixing and circulation, transfer between tanks, and operation of agitators, help reduce your NPT and overall costs. Also, our integrated operation of high-pressure shear units and high-rate mixers enables a simpler, smoother operation.

Bulk storage and transfer

  • Process overview and weight monitoring of tanks
  • Automatic refill of surge tanks
  • Automatic valve lineup between loading stations and bulk tanks
  • Automatic emptying of dust collectors
  • Heave and tilt compensation of bulk tanks

High-pressure manifold

  • Local and remote operation of gate valves and choke valves with backup
  • Local and remote monitoring of pressure, temperature, and valve positions
  • Remote monitoring of high-pressure mud pumps

Waste management

  • Local and remote process control of cuttings handling
  • Cuttings re-injection (CRI) system operates in a continuous process with the following automatic modes:
    • Automatic adding of seawater
    • Automatic adding of polymer
    • Automatic level control in coarse tank
    • Automatic transfer from fines tank
    • Automatic shaker control
    • Automatic mill control
    • Automatic viscosity control
  • Drilling Fluid Processing System BrochureBrochure highlighting our full line of products

  • DORS Fluid Routing System FlyerOptimize fluid transfer and end contamination

  • Wireless Process Navigation (WPN) FlyerRemotely or locally monitor and control equipment in the field

  • Offshore Product Reference GuideA technical look at our offshore rig equipment product portfolio

  • Hydraulic Power Unit HPU-0-3-M FlyerFlyer showing our HPU0-3-M HPUs

Drilling Fluid Equipment Explained

Watch the videos above to learn more about bulk loading, transfer, mud mixing, circulation, and treatment.

Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment dust collector cyclone
Dust collector cyclone
Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment 14-P-220 Triplex Mud Pump
14-P-220 Triplex mud pump
Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment High pressure fluid manifold
High-pressure fluid manifold
Caustic Mixer used for safely injecting caustic fluid into the mud stream
Caustic mixer used for safely injecting caustic fluid into the mud stream
Mud mixing system, big bag slitting unit, mud-additive chemical
Big-bag slitting unit for incorporating mud-additive chemicals into the drilling fluid
Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment operator station
Mud operator control station
ProCut sack cutting unit used to empty different types of sacks with mud-additive chemicals
ProCut sack cutting unit
Bulk Storage Tank for storing bulk mud materials
Bulk storage tanks

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