Drilling Power Sections

As a global leading supplier of drilling power sections, we have the most diverse portfolio of power section products in the industry.


We offer all speed ranges for 11116- to 11¼-in.-diameter powers sections, and we have manufacturing and reline facilities around the globe to quickly provide the tools you need, when and where you need them.

Our power section products are available for sale from our manufacturing facilities or for rental from an NOV service facility. The offering of products at the facilities near you is always evolving, and we can assist you with questions about any new items that are available.

Power Section Spec Sheets

Download our Power Sections Mobile App from the Android Play Store or Apple Store to search power section spec sheets, conduct fit calculations, calculate speed curves, and more. View our spec sheets online with the Power Sections Web App.

ERT power sections

Our ERT™ power sections provide more power versus conventional power sections. ERTs are designed to serve the high-flow, high-torque requirements of challenging drilling applications, delivering smoother drilling and higher rate of penetration (ROP) than conventional power sections of the same length and configuration. ERT stators start out with machined lobes, which are then coated with our high-performance elastomer. Reducing the amount of elastomer compared to conventional power sections results in higher and more reactive torques.

Conventional power sections

We provide an industry-leading selection of conventional power section configurations. In addition, our global product line engineering teams have been relocated to each of our four power section manufacturing plants. This facilitates the making of decisive, accurate, and expedient decisions via face-to-face contact with manufacturing personnel. Our quality assurance (QA) management team is highly trained with multiple years of experience, providing a streamlined QA process. This means power section components will get the attention they need, when they need it.

All these updates and improvements were made with the customer in mind. These changes to our power section facilities will ensure that our power sections provide reliable performance on time, every time. Putting an NOV power section in the hole will allow you to drill ahead with confidence.

Premium elastomers

Our proprietary elastomers give you the reliability you need to keep drilling.

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