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Automate routine downlinking functions to save time and lower overall operating costs.


The M/D Totco™ DrillLink™ automated downlinking system enables service companies or other approved users to communicate with downhole tools without the need for manual commands, bypass valve systems, or other flow-diverting mechanisms. The patented system serves as an interface tool, which provides select 3rd party providers access to the rig's pump controls for automated downlinking of command sequences. The DrillLink system features pull-down software meaning the right instruction for each tool is always loaded to reduce human error. Since the commands are now precise and repeatable, the tool manufacturers can modify their communication systems to allow faster, more efficient downlinking operations, allowing the Directional Driller to make more course corrections without regard to rig time, if necessary. This can improve wellbore quality with reduced dogleg severity, resulting in less drilling torque, less drag while tripping, and reduced drillstring wear.

Reliable, automatic downlinking

  • No more stop watches, eliminating manual throttling to save time and reduce human error
  • Execute downhole tool commands with a simple click
  • The right code is sent the first time, every time, providing downlinking accuracy

Flexible deployment and integration

  • Versions available for Amphion, CyberBase, NOVOS, and select conventional rigs
  • No calibration required, rig's pumps execute the tool command
  • Integrates into Directional Driller's existing software suite, retaining proprietary information in their library and eliminating the need to install additional applications
  • Remote access capable, reducing wellsite footprint by allowing Directional Drillers to remotely downlink operations on multiple rigs

Responsive commands for immediate changes

  • Driller retains full control of the pumps, ensuring sequences can be aborted in an emergency
  • Directional Driller can also abort commands through their software, providing additional redundancy and safety
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