DrillWell Integrated Business System

View customized well reports, cost sheets, and rig trends with a few clicks.


M/D Totco's™ DrillWell™ system is a web-based reporting application that provides users with a wealth of wellsite data that is readily available, easily accessible, and packaged to provide the user with the information necessary to make informed business decisions that will ultimately provide better business results. Starting at the wellsite with NOV's RigSense™ Report Management System (RMS), information collected from the IADC tour sheets and morning reports is sent via satellite to our WellData™ system and ultimately on to the DrillWell application. The DrillWell system consolidates report data electronically from every rig into a central database. Standard reports are generated and are instantly available to any user with security rights to the information. The DrillWell system enables the user to consolidate, query, and arrange data to highlight meaningful trends, improve focus on trouble spots, and improve overall operations.
With the DrillWell system, downtime analysis has never been easier, allowing users to:

  • Determine what equipment (top drive, drawworks, etc.) are causing the most downtime and analyze this by company, region, superintendent, rig manager, etc.
  • Identify rigs with lowest and highest downtime
  • Review downtime and downtime hours and analyze by company, operator region, superintendent, rig manager, etc.
  • Review summary data or details of each downtime event
  • Analyze downtime by equipment models

Dashboards Features/Benefits


  • Easily identify key performance indicators (KPIs) while saving time and money. Dashboards provide vital information on a single display for the user to identify operational performance.

User-configurable dashboards and web parts

  • Users can easily create interactive dashboards tailored to meet their individual needs and preferences. This provides complete personalization, allowing users to select the KPIs and information important to them. The user can personalize everything from placement, chart properties, and color schemes.

Interactive dashboards

  • Save time and quickly identify trends with drill-down capabilities. Hover and on-click features provide further information for a section of the web part, allowing the user to instantly access detailed information.

Multiple dashboard types

  • Instantly create performance scorecards by rig, well, or operator with our different types of dashboards. Each dashboard type allows the user to set the filter for the dashboard and, with the press of a button, instantly update every web part to reflect the selected criteria.

Reporting Features/Benefits

Rig reports

  • Reports submitted from the rig are made instantly available for viewing via PDF in the DrillWell system. The reports appear as submitted by the rig and are not altered by the DrillWell application.

Operations reports

  • With standard reports like drill curve, consolidated morning report, and hours summary by rig, the user is able to manage daily operations and rigs as well as analyze operational trends and benchmark activities.

Payroll reports

  • Payroll reports reduce time and processing errors. The user is able to track employees working multiple roles/positions, identify crew shortages, and find employees who qualify for oil-based mud pay, safety hours, bonuses, or overtime.

Ad-hoc reporting

  • Users can create personalized tabular or chart reports so they can see the information they want to see, the way they want to see it.

Publish dashboards and ad-hoc reports

  • Easily communicate information and provide consistent views across the organization. Dashboards and ad-hoc reports can be published to specific roles in the company, allowing information to be shared to specific user groups.
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