Dry Additive Mix Unit

Operate efficiently and on budget with our latest innovation in mixing technology.


Our new Rolligon™ dry additive mix unit (DAMU) provides our customers greater flexibility in additive selection, thereby reducing costs and improving overall performance.

One of the primary uses of the dry additive mix unit is dry gel mixing. Traditional gels slurried in diesel or mineral oil were previously used due to their ease of metering. As regulations and cost continue to make it more difficult to use slurry gel, accurate dry gel additive systems are becoming a vital part of the well fracturing industry.

Our system leverages a custom-engineered mixer to premix the dry additive with water for optimum mix quality, even at high rates. To provide a safer site for our customers’ personnel, the unit’s automated controls allow for minimal required operator interaction, and the dust collection system incorporated in the on-board bulk hoppers filters the exhaust during pneumatic filling.

Our selection of Rolligon hydration systems can be set up to accommodate dry or slurried gel, giving you the ability to choose the type of gel used on a job. The versatility and reliability of our systems help keep your job running on time and on budget.


  • Automated mixing control
  • Controls integrated with Rolligon process equipment
  • Dual mixing system for high rates and/or backup
  • 90-lb/min mix rate per mixer
  • Heavy-duty gooseneck trailer
  • Cummins T4F QSL9 diesel engine rated 380 bhp
  • Two 100 ft3 hoppers, 80 ft3 useable
  • 6×5 centrifugal supply pump
  • Fill on-the-fly capable with dust control
  • Rolligon Dry Additive Mix Unit Flyer

  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

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