DT Mixers

Chemineer offers a line of DT top-entering and portable mixers with direct-drive and gear-reduced designs for both open and closed tank applications.


Today's applications demand high-performance process equipment accompanied by total support for customers' mixing needs. To address these requirements, Chemineer offers a line of DT top-entering and portable mixers. Direct-drive and gear-reduced designs for both open and closed tank applications are available. Each unit features Chemineer's renowned reputation for quality that has grown over the past 50 years. Superior materials of construction throughout, along with advanced modular designs give each one the strength, flexibility and reliability to perform to the same standards as all Chemineer's agitators and mixers.

Design Features

  • Motor - Industry standard, off-the-shelf, NEMA electric or air motors are supplied with all DT mixers ensuring maximum reliability and ease of replacement.
  • Drive - Direct-drive or gear-reduced designs are available giving the end user the necessary mixer speed choices to adapt to changing process conditions. Right angle worm drive models are available where low-headroom clearance is required.
  • Mounting options (open tank) - Angle risers or flat plate mounts are available for proper mixer positioning above open tanks.
  • Sealing options (closed tanks) - Chemineer offers the broadest range of commercially available mixer sealing options on the market. They include the following: a standard 4-ring stuffing box, v-ring or lip seal, single mechanical seal, single mechanical cartridge seal and double mechanical cartridge seal.
  • Shaft lengths - Chemineer provides numerous shaft length options. When conditions change, they can be easily changed by means of the convenient chuck or flanged shaft coupling.
  • Impellers - Chemineer's mixing expertise includes low shear liquid-liquid/solids blending, gas dispersion, high shear blending and viscous mixing. Whether it is R&D or production phase, we have the expertise to solve your mixing challenges.

The Right Mixer, Guaranteed

Determining the proper mixer for a given application can be a challenge. If not done properly, performance efficiency, cost of operation and productivity may suffer. To assist customers in selecting the proper DT mixer, Chemineer offers it proprietary CEDS™ computer aided mixer selection program. A CEDS analysis can be completed on-site by a trained Chemineer representative. After the pertinent application data has been entered, CEDS indicates which mixer(s) will provide the highest levels of performance and reliability. The result is longer mixer life, higher product yields and greater efficiency.

Express Mixer Program

Chemineer offers 24-48 hour delivery on an extensive number of standard mixer configurations in order to quickly and efficiently meet your application needs. By selecting one of the off-the-shelf, standard models that are stocked and readily available through the Chemineer Express Mixer Program, you can reduce your downtime and the associated costs.

Special Offer

Take advantage of Chemineer's Trade-In/Trade-Up program that's available with every DT top-entering mixer. Trade in a competitive, top-entering mixer of equal size and receive a discount when trading up to a new Chemineer DT. Save money on a top-quality, high-performance Chemineer DT mixer.


Quick Selection Chart

Typical Product Viscosity (CP) Volume (Gallons)
25 50 100 200 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
Water, Kerosene 1 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.25 30XP-0.50 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.50 40XP-1.0
Olive Oil 100 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.25 30XP-0.25 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.25 40XP-1.0 40XP-1.0
Glucose, Latex Paint 250 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.50 10XP-0.50 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.50 40XP-1.0 40XP-1.0 40XP-1.0
Glycerin 500 10XP-0.25 10XP-0.50 40XP-0.25 40XP-0.50 40XP-0.25 40XP-1.0 40XP-1.0 50DT-1.5
Castor Oil 1000 30XP-0.50 20DTD-0.25 20DTD-0.25 50DTD-1.0 40XP-0.50 50DT-1.5 50DT-1.5 50DT-2.0
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