TerraFLO Dual Activated Circ-Subs

Achieve greater flexibility and simpler operations in downhole applications with our dual-activated circulation valve.


Designed to withstand the rigors of today's demanding applications, the TerraFLO™ Dual Activated Circ-Sub has been thoroughly tested to ensure reliable actuation when needed. The circ-sub can be used to isolate and allow pumping of fluids to the annulus that might typically damage any equipment run below the circ-sub. When actuated, the overall flow area is increased, allowing for higher flow rates (for a given pressure) to be achieved, improving annular velocity and overall hole-cleaning capabilities.

In addition to drop-ball functionality, the TerraFLO circ-sub can also be activated at a predetermined pressure via a burst-disc if the BHA has become plugged off and loses the ability tocirculate.

  • TerraTECH Coiled Tubing Tools Brochure

  • TerraFLO Dual Activated Circ-Subs Data Summary

Vertical render of a TerraFLO Dual Activated Circ-Sub
Horizontal render of a TerraFLO Dual Activated Circ-Sub

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