Wilco Dual Air Compressor

Dual Air Compressor

The Wilco dual air compressor is skid mounted with dual cylinder pumps, and it produces 410 ft3/min (680 m3/hr) at 1,072 rpm.

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Our Wilco™ air compressor skids are fitted complete with a Tier 3 diesel engine (with radiator, fan, air cleaner, electric start, and emergency kill system), compressor air inlet filters, moisture separator, automatic drain, two 9.5-ft3 air receiver tanks, an air-to-air aftercooler with a 12-volt fan, and belt guards. The compressed air outlet is fitted with one 3-in. kamlock and check valve. All equipment is mounted on an I-beam skid base with a four-point lift frame.

Each compressor is complete with shotblast and a four-coat paint system.

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