Dual Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve

Robust and reliable surface barrier during well intervention operations


Compact, reliable, and robust, our dual hydraulic wireline annular valve gives positive protection during well service operations, adhering to an operator’s dual-barrier philosophy when required.

Designed to wipe clean a moving cable or seal on a static, well seasoned, or pre-filled cable, the Elmar™ dual hydraulic wireline annular valve is recommended for “safety while logging” applications and for perforating with large guns.

Equipped with several lifting features, including clamp and slings to aid operations, its tulip design and tool overshot provide head support and prevent cable damage during rigging campaigns.

Our dual hydraulic wireline annular valve is easy to assemble due to split or slotted components and ingenious engineering. It provides quick and safe access to line-sized elements, along with hassle-free parts replacement. In addition to air connections for enhanced cable cleaning and hydraulic lifting protection plates, the line-sized parts are manufactured from aluminum bronze to ensure no wireline damage.

Positioned above the drilling BOP or shooting nipple, this product offers a clean bore of 6 to 6 ½ in. once rigged up. Our dual hydraulic wireline annular valve seals by squeezing a split rubber element wrapped around the wire, which then seals on the cable outer armor against well pressure, simultaneously wiping the wire free of fluid.

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Elmar Dual Hydraulic Wireline Annular Valve BOP-D
Elmar Dual Hydaulic Wireline Annular Valve BOP-D Section

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