A rear view of a trailer-mounted Dual-purpose Coiled Tubing Unit

Dual-Purpose Coiled Tubing Unit

Complete your onshore and offshore coiled tubing operations with one unit.

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Complete your onshore and offshore operations with one unit.

The Hydra Rig™ dual-purpose coiled tubing unit (CTU) is specifically designed with flexibility in mind—for both your onshore and offshore operations. Time-saving twist-lock mountings on our trailer allow rapid mobilization of offshore certified equipment.

The modular structure of the dual-purpose coiled tubing unit is designed with convenient multimode transportation and installation in mind, a robust trailer for desert road capability, offshore-ready modules (DNV lift and Zone 2 certified), and large coiled tubing capacities.

This unit ensures you can operate with the highest level of efficiency, as the control cabin is designed for optimal comfort, including easy access to controls and increased visibility with large windows to the front and side. Our cabins are fully integrated with the latest CTES™ data acquisition and monitoring software. Drop-in-Drum (DID) reels are designed to optimize tubing capacity in the smallest possible dimensions, allowing users to easily meet tubing demands. Our cost-effective open-frame power pack is lightweight and designed to ensure ease of access for maintenance and rapid mobilization. Industry-leading Hydra Rig injectors are engineered and designed for reliability, reduced maintenance, and customer specification.

Trailer-mounted onshore operations

Optimized and built for versatile operating environments, the dual-purpose CTU utilizes a heavy-duty, purpose-built semi-trailer design equipped with a DID reel and Hydra Rig injector. The tubing reel is fully trailer-integrated, allowing for quick change-out of the tubing drum. The injector is trailer mounted on a tilt frame, which allows the tubing to remain stabbed during transport, greatly reducing rig-up time and manual handling. The standard trailer features hydraulic landing legs with sand pads for easy and safe uncoupling, folding walkways with handrails for safe access to the installed equipment and trailer deck as required, and integrated hosing runs with protective covers to prevent hose damage.

Skid-mounted offshore operations

When needed, our dual-purpose CTU can quickly be converted for offshore operations, as the skid-mounted components are offshore-rated units, lift certified, and Zone 2 certified to comply with offshore safety standards. The offshore lift-rated DID tubing reel drive base and injector transport basket are provided. The DID base and spool can be lifted independently; splitting lifts maximizes the allowable length of pipe that can be lifted onboard the platform within the crane capacity limits. The skid-mounted configuration also is equipped with a quick rig-up hose reel skid with power hose reel and integrated umbilical storage.


  • Tubing reel, cabin, and power pack mounted with time-saving ISO locks for safe, secure, and easy removal and reinstallation
  • Fully integrated, field-proven Texas Oil Tools™ pressure control equipment, CTES data acquisition and monitoring software, and Quality Tubing™ coiled tubing complement this unit.
  • Walkways with handrails provided for safe access to the installed equipment and trailer deck as required
  • Universal Drop-in-Drum spools can be transferred between trailer and offshore tubing reel drive bases as required.
  • Painted to customer specifications
  • Dual-Purpose Coiled Tubing Unit Flyer

Hydra Rig Product Updates

It is our commitment to continue the technological advancement of the trusted Hydra Rig equipment that has been leading the coiled tubing and snubbing industries for decades. Please contact us for our latest product updates.

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