A technician uses a screwdriver to remove the outer layer of a Dualoy Fiberglass Pipe

Dualoy 3000/L Fiberglass Pipe

As the leader for underground fuel piping systems, our Dualoy product has never been removed due to fuel incompatibility.

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Dualoy™ 3000/L piping systems are made of fiberglass-reinforced, aromatic amine-cured, rigid, thermosetting epoxy resin. This pipe is manufactured using a unique process by which a continuous cylinder is generated with the fibers oriented more near the circumferential and axial directions than with the reciprocal process. Dualoy 3000/L also includes a pure resin liner.

Fiber Glass Systems is the market leader for underground fuel-piping systems, with almost 50 years of continuous supply of UL-listed products. Dualoy 3000L piping is reliable and has never been removed because of fuel incompatibility; thus, there are no reinstall costs. Our products are designed to meet governmental environmental regulations, including those of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Leak prevention

UL-971 bonded sump entry fittings provide positive seal at the sump, preventing leaking of underground fuel in or out of the sump. Our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting–Termination Style also provides Class I protection, which complies with California’s requirement for continuous interstitial monitoring of the piping systems’ secondary containment.

StationWare 3000

StationWare 3000 is a standalone CAD program that provides a professional-looking station layout drawing and an accurate bill of materials for the site.

Sump Fittings

  • Double-Wall Sump Entry – Termination Style
  • Bonded Pass-Through Sump Entry Fitting
  • Single-Wall Bump Sump Entry Fittings
  • Gasketed Sump Entry/Termination

Dualoy 3000/L Primary Pipe Specifications

Size range 2- to 6-in. UL listed
Inner corrosion barrier Resin-rich liner
Pressure ratings 140 to 200 psig
Construction Manufactured from chemically inert thermosetting amine-cured epoxy resins reinforced with high-tensile-strength fiberglass filaments
Fittings Bell and spigot compression molded

Dualoy 3000/L Secondary Pipe Specifications

Size range 3- to 6-in. UL listed
Inner corrosion barrier Resin-rich liner
Pressure ratings Up to 50 psig
Fittings Two-piece compression molded
Temperature range Up to 150 °F (65 °C)
Chemical service Petroleum products, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline mixtures, ethanol, methanol, MTBE, biodiesel, diesel exhaust fluid (Adblue)
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  • Dualoy 3000/L Secondary Containment Pipe and Fittings Data Sheet
  • Dualoy Sump Penetration Fitting Data Sheet
  • Fiberglass Engineering and Piping Design Guide
A closeup of Dualoy Fiberglass Piping Connection
A series of Dualoy Fiberglass Pipes attached to containment boxes
A system of Dualoy Fiberglass Pipes filtering through octagonal canisters
A technician paints the end of a Dualoy Fiberglass Pipe with red epoxy resin