Dualoy 3000/LCX Fiberglass Pipe

Dualoy 3000/LCX rigid fiberglass coaxial piping is a cost-effective solution for contained piping systems. LCX is used for product delivery lines in underground fuel handling systems to convey fuel from the tank to the dispensers.


The advanced performance capabilities of Dualoy 3000/LCX offer a substantial cost benefit and, most importantly, meet safety and compliance needs. The unique coaxial construction of Dualoy 3000/LCX offers many features and makes this fiberglass pipe the best value in corrosion-resistant piping solutions. High strength and stiffness make Dualoy 3000/LCX virtually indestructible, offering predictable and reliable performance. Its compact design allows less trenching and takes less warehouse space.

Fiber Glass Systems is the market leader for underground fuel piping systems, with almost 50 years of continuous supply of UL-listed products. Dualoy 3000LCX piping is reliable and has never been removed because of fuel incompatibility; thus, there are no reinstall costs. Our products are designed to meet governmental environmental regulations, including those of the EPA.

In-series piping

The coaxial design makes it easy for through-the-sump piping, saving installation cost and time.

Leak prevention

UL-971 bonded sump entry fittings provide positive seal at the sump, preventing leaking of underground fuel in or out of the sump. Our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting–Termination Style also provides Class I protection, which complies with California’s requirement for continuous interstitial monitoring of the piping systems' secondary containment.

StationWare 3000

StationWare 3000 is a standalone CAD program that will provide a professional-looking station layout drawing and an accurate bill of materials for the site.


  • Real value through sophisticated manufacturing technology of Dualoy 3000/LCX
  • Hydraulically more efficient; increased flow rates at lower cost
  • Inherently corrosion resistant
  • Excellent long-term abrasion resistance
  • Straightforward installation and easy to repair
  • Retestable at any time
  • Extended life cycle; 30-year warranty for fuel compatibility
  • 30-year water intrusion warranty on bonded SEF–Termination Style
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Meets safety requirements and complies with strict environmental regulations
  • Smoother internal surface for highest flow capacity available
  • Lightweight; less expensive equipment needed for handling

Dualoy 3000/LCX Coaxial Double-Wall Pipe Specifications

Size range 2- to 4-in. UL listed
Inner corrosion barrier Resin-rich liner
Pressure ratings 140 to 200 psi
Construction Manufactured as an integral unit. Primary is made of chemically inert, nonpermeable, fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin, which is inherently resistant to deterioration due to water and microbial attack. This layer is covered with a porous layer to provide the small interstitial space that facilitates rapid leak detection. Then, the containment layer, comprised of the same material as the primary, is wound over the primary and porous layers.
Primary fittings Bell and spigot
Temperature range -40 to 150 °F (65 °C)

Dualoy 3000/LCX Secondary Fittings Specifications

Adhesive bonded clamshell fittings (compression molded for exact fit; material identified to primary fittings)
Pressure ratings Up to 50 psig
Chemical service Petroleum products, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline mixtures, ethanol, methanol, MTBE, biodiesel, diesel exhaust fluid (Adblue)
Available lengths Up to 40 ft
UL 971 listed for all UL identified applications and fuels
  • Secondary containment fittings or pipe (SC)
  • Normal vent line from tank (NV)
  • Primary carrier (PC)
  • Primary/secondary combined into one unit (PS)
  • Vapor recovery (VR)
  • Motor vehicle fuels, including bidbiesel and diesel exhaust fluid
  • Concentrated fuels (CF)
  • High blend fuels, including 1005 ethanol and 100% methanol (HB)
  • Aviation and marine fuels (AM)
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A technician paints the end of a Dualoy Fiberglass Pipe with red epoxy resin
A series of Dualoy Fiberglass Pipes attached to containment boxes
A system of Dualoy Fiberglass Pipes filtering through octagonal canisters
A technician uses a screwdriver to remove the outer layer of a Dualoy Fiberglass Pipe