DuraTester Drilling Motor Test Stand

The DuraTester motor dyno provides safe, efficient, and accurate verification of drilling motor performance prior to use downhole.


The DuraTester™ is a drilling motor dynamometer test bench ready to ensure your motor is ready for operation and decrease possible nonproductive time (NPT). It is designed to be operated safely and efficiently by one person. The DuraTester offers easy clamping and support systems for either straight or bent motors. In addition, the DuraTester offers a fast and simple means to couple the motor to high-pressure fluid supply and easy connection of the motor output shaft to the dynamometer. Floor-to-floor time is therefore very short, so the unit offers a rapid turnaround on any test.


  • Allows for safe, fast drilling motor testing and performance verification
  • User-friendly electronic HMI touchscreen operation
  • LogMaster II technology for recording motor performance and managing test result records
  • Durable CAT C-18 diesel engine with ZF 11 speed and Heavy-Duty Triplex Pump
  • 60,000 lb-ft–torque water-cooled brake package with available brake cooling packages to allow for intermittent testing through long-duration testing depending on the cooling package outfitted
  • Closed-loop water system to conserve and contain water used in testing
  • DuraTester Motor Dyno Flyer

Wide side shot of a DuraTester Drilling Motor Test Stand
Back of a DuraTester Drilling Motor Test Stand in front of a warehouse and large fan
NOV technician wearing a hard hat turning dial on a DuraTester Drilling Motor control panel
Full three fourths shot of a working DuraTester Drilling Motor Test Stand