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Dust Control Package/Bulk Storage Trailer

Our Wilco dust control package eliminates dust on field bin trailer applications with minimal maintenance.


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Our dust control package is designed for the Wilco™ WST-1600 field bin trailers and is a complete trailer-mounted, pneumatic, self-cleaning dust control solution.

The Wilco dust control package includes a PowerCore® CP Series system with PowerCore filter packs to deliver outstanding performance with PM 2.5 (fine particles) emissions below 0.001 grains per cubic foot per EPA Methods 27 and 5i. Torit® PowerCore CP Series filter packs are efficiency rated MERV 15 per the ASHRAE 52.2-2007 test standard.

We have designed this solution for easy maintenance. With the no-tool system, just simply lift the filter access door, loosen the captive hardware, and remove the pulse accumulator. Then lift out the filter pack for easy replacement. The catch basin is designed to hold three sacks to allow full trailer loading without emptying the catch basin during a single operation.

We use a Dwyer® Series DH3 Digihelic® differential pressure controller, which is preconfigured to clean filters once 4 in. of water column is reached and automatically stop once 2 in. of water column is reached. The alarm (audio and visual) is set to sound at 5 in. of water column to alert the operator to stop loading and inspect the filters



Dust Control Package/Bulk Storage Trailer

Nominal airflow range (based on clean filters)

700 to 2,000 ft³/min

Filter area

189 ft2 using three filter packs

Compressed air

90 to 100 psi

Operating temperature

32 to 130 °F


12-V system for trailer units


3D2 solenoids; NEMA 4 solenoid enclosure

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