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Render of a Dxtra and LandLine

DXtra Intelligent Slickline Conveyance System

Enabling faster decision making at the wellsite

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The DXtra™ intelligent slickline conveyance system offers the benefits of both e-line telemetry and mechanical slickline—giving you the insight, control, versatility, and efficiency of both worlds.

Within a high strength capillary tube based slickline, the electrical conductor provides bi-directional telemetry and power delivery to all standard cased hole logging sensors, meaning that you can utilise your existing cased hole equipment and make your CAPEX go further. High resolution data is transmitted in real time to the surface, enabling faster decision making and increased productivity at the wellsite.

Seamlessly integrating with your existing NOV wireline surface equipment, the DXtra system allows you to maximize your asset utilization and minimize additional capital investments.

DXtra provides leading-edge performance, reliability, and safety all in one robust package—reducing cost, QHSE risk, equipment handling, and manpower requirements at the wellsite.

Features and benefits:

  • Universally adaptable to industry standard cased hole surface equipment, systems, and downhole tools
  • Eliminates risks associated with the use of lithium batteries
  • Reduced crew and equipment at the wellsite
  • High resolution, real-time data acquisition for faster decision making
  • Precise depth control and correlation throughout the operation
  • Corrosion resistant 0.189-in. (4.8 mm) OD cable
  • 3100 lb.  maximum breaking strength
  • Maximum temperature rating of 390 °F (200 °C)
  • Cable lengths available from 25,000ft - 40,000ft +
  • Improves quality and reliability of downhole data quality

DXtra Wire Specifications

Outer Diameter

4.8mm / 0.189”


7620m / 25,000ft*

*Cable lengths available to suit extended reach wells up to 12,192m / 40,000ft

Weight in Air

75lbs per 1000ft

Weight in Fresh Water

63lbs per 1000ft

Copper Conductor (# wires x Diameter)

AWG 18* (7 X 0.0149”)

Temperature Operating Range

-76degF to +390degF

Maximum Pressure


Tensile Strength


Max Safe Tension Limit (60% of Cable Tensile Strength)


Sheave Wheel Min. Diameter (Required for Max Operating Tension)

55.9cm / 22”

Voltage Rating


Electrical Resistance of copper conductor (@20degC/68degF)

7.6ohms per 1000ft


55nF per 1000ft

Insulation Resistance (@20degC/68degF)

>1500MOhm per 1000ft

H2S / CO2 resistance

Yes -


DXtra Cablehead Specifications

Cablehead Outer Diameter

1-11/16” / 42.93mm


6.6lbs / 3kg

Assembly Length

1.44ft / 0.44m

Make-Up Length

1.23ft / 0.38m

Connection Type

1-3/16” 12 UN GO Pin

Fish Neck Size


Line Sizes

DXtra wire 0.189” OD

Maximum Pressure


Maximum Operating Temperature



DXtra Combi Stuffing Box & Toolcatcher Specifications

Sheave Wheel Diameter (0.189”)


Packing Elements

Urethane as standard – Various elastomeric compounds available to suit well conditions

Safety Feature

Combined Blowout Plug and Ball Check Valve

Tool Catcher Collet Size

1-3/8” FN – Changeable collet for all other FN sizes

Working Pressure

10,000 PSI

Hydraulic Pressure

DXtra Stuffing Box – 3,000 PSI maximum

Tool Catcher – 3,000 PSI maximum



Quick Union Connection Details

4 3/4”-4x2thd (3.750” seal dia) Elmar E09 - Can be changed to suit clients existing assets or alternatively use a quick union crossover

Manufacturing Standards

·  API 6A (ISO 10423) PSL3 (Product Specification Level)

NOV Elmar Specification for Manufacture

Design References

·  API 6A (IS 10423) Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment - PR 1 (Performance Requirements)

NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 – Metals for Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Resistance in Sour Oilfield Environments.

Temperature Classification

API 6A P, S, T, U & V (-29degC to +121degC)


DXtra Integrated Lower Sheave and Wireline Valve Specifications

Sheave Wheel Diameter (0.189”)


Compatible Wireline Valve

Dual Elmar Compact 3” and above (Adapter plate required)


  • DXtra Intelligent Slickline Conveyance System Brochure
  • Elmar Product Catalog
  • Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Brochure
Render of a Dxtra Cable Head, including inside details
Upclose, detailed render of a Dxtra Cable Head
Image of a LandLine Wireline Winch Unit
Inside view of a MultiTruck, showing a seat and controls
Render of a Dxtra and LandLine
Image of a blue FlyLine Wireline Winch Unit with an attached seat
Image of a red Elmar Slickline PCE System
Image of 3, red SlimLine Wireline Winch Units

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