E-Totco Electronic Drift Survey Tool

Reliable survey measurements for vertical drift applications

Render of E Totco  Electronic Drift  Survey Tool
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The M/D Totco™ E-Totco™ electronic drift survey tool offers a more intuitive user experience while enabling increases in accuracy and reliability and reducing overall survey time and costs in vertical drift applications. The E-Totco drift tool is a drop-in replacement for all vertical mechanical CVD instruments enabling multiple surveys per tool run and eliminating risk of missed survey.


  • Survey-on-demand eliminates guesswork, reducing risk of a missed/moving survey
  • Multi-shot capability allows up to 64 surveys throughout a trip
  • RigSense Connectivity option produces electronic reports, allowing survey records to be archived and retrieved as needed
  • Rated for 302°F (150°C) downhole temperatures
  • Tool Inclination range of 0° - 20 ° with 0.1° resolution
  • Field replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with standard M/D TotcoTM CVD running gear
  • E-Totco Electronic Drift Survey Tool Flyer
A render of a red tool used as part of the E-Totco electronic drift survey tool
A render of an E-Totco Electronic Drift Survey Tool

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