E-Type Gate Valve

Satisfy the need for a high-quality, high-specification valve for extreme and severe service with the Anson E-type gate valve.


The Anson™ E-type gate valve is a through-conduit API 6A downstream sealing valve developed to satisfy the need for a high-quality, high-specification valve for extreme and severe service. The E-type is a true bidirectional gate valve with low operating torque. It is robust, easy to maintain, and is supported by our worldwide aftermarket teams.

Anson gate valve technology has been in the marketplace since 1991 and is used across various applications, including well testing, flowback, drilling, exploration, production, and well intervention. This proven track record and multifunctionality makes the E-type one of the most trusted valves in our ever-changing industry.

These valves are available with various choices for actuation: manual (with handwheel), hydraulic (fail safe and double acting), pneumatic, or electric actuation.


  • Gate and seat design – The seats in the E-type gate valve are fully floating; this combined with a solid slab gate gives a true downstream seal. Downstream sealing in conjunction with the use of low-friction coatings results in exceptionally low operating torques. Gate and seat replacement are possible with the valve in line, without the need for special tools.
  • Bidirectional sealing – The E-type gate valve is a true bidirectional gate valve. Being fully symmetrical, it will effectively seal pressure from either direction without the risk of pressure lock.
  • Body-to-bonnet seal – A seal is achieved between the body and bonnet using compact metal-to-metal sealing technology.
  • Seals – The E-type gate valve uses no performance-limiting elastomers. The spring-energized PTFE seals used in our gate valves are specially designed for arduous service, providing long-lasting and reliable sealing capability.
  • Handwheel – The E-type gate valve is supplied with a rugged handwheel that employs a double-detent quick release mechanism. A shear pin is provided to protect the valve’s internals from damage and is replaceable without having to dismantle the valve or take it out of line.

Replacement parts

The E-Type gate valve range has been designed on a modular basis, making numerous components interchangeable across sizes and pressure ratings. The result of this has been to significantly reduce the cost of manufacture of both valves and spare parts, and these substantial savings are passed on to the customer in the form of competitively priced valves and spare parts.

Emergency shutdown valve

The emergency shut down valve (ESDV) is a fail-close-actuated gate valve located between the flowhead and the choke manifold. The valve is used in conjunction with the ESD control system to open and close the valve in emergency situations to stop the flow of wellbore fluids. Using E-type gate valve technology, the ESD assembly is generally supplied enclosed within a skid and crash frame and fitted with flange × Anson hammer union or hub connections. A quick exhaust valve can be included for optimal shutdown time (less than 5 seconds).

Control systems

Alongside our actuated gate valves, manifolds, and emergency shutdown valves, we also supply a control system designed to suit your operations. NOV has dedicated engineers with vast experience in the design of these packages.


  • Uses no performance-limiting elastomers, prolonging life and reducing unplanned maintenance
  • Available from 2,000 to 20,000 psi in sizes 11316 to 9-in. bore
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with API 6A
  • Material class (AA through HH), temperature range (K to X), and product specification level (PSL 1 to 4) as per API 6A
  • API 6A mongrammable
  • Qualified for Class II Sandy Service (API 6AV1)
  • Qualified for high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) service (API 6A Annex F PR2 to +350 °F)
  • Qualified for extreme low-temperature service (API 6A Annex F PR2 to -75 °F)
  • Options for increased corrosion resistance by including CRA 625 inlay to ring grooves, seal pocket area, bonnet seal area, and stem seal area
  • Anson E-Type Gate Valve Brochure

Photo of a gate valve and a gate valve machine in the background
Photo of a gate valve and manifold
Render of a red GV 1 e-type gate valve on a white background
Render of a cross section of a red gate valve on a white background
Photo of gate valve spares on a white background
Render of a blue DA actuated e-type gate valve on a white background
Render of a blue FS actuated e-type gate valve on a white background

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