EAD | Electronic Auto Driller | e-Wildcat 2.0

Achieve high-quality wellbores and enhanced control with automated, multi-parameter drilling system.


The M/D Totco™ e-Wildcat™ 2.0 electronic auto driller delivers superior performance, including improved bit wear, increased safety, enhanced rig efficiency, and a higher quality wellbore.

The e-Wildcat 2.0 system is the first universal autodriller offering for the conventional rig market. It can be installed in addition to a RigSense™ electronic drilling recorder or later rental system, or as a small footprint, standalone solution to work with an existing rig-owned EDR. Both configurations provide constant force and payout to generate a higher quality wellbore and optimize drilling parameters. The system smoothly controls payout via brake handle, using precise stepper motor technology and multiple-parameter control. In addition to Delta-P technology and proven reliability, our e-Wildcat 2.0 system expands control parameters to include rate of penetration (ROP), weight on bit (WOB), and torque. The Time Drill feature allows drilling at a specific rate, addressing specialized requirements of casing sidewall milling and sidetrack operations within multilateral openhole wellbores.

The robust design of our e-Wildcat 2.0 system ensures maximum uptime while delivering the performance needed in your conventional and unconventional drilling operation.

The e-Wildcat 2.0 system offers more information at a glance through the RigSense system, an easier setup, and intuitive operation via the driller’s screen, allowing you to maximize the potential of our powerful autodriller.


  • Torque and differential pressure limiting can be enabled or disabled without having to stop drilling
  • Control parameter is always highlighted
  • Digital control can increase the accuracy to a setpoint
  • The mud-pump safety cutout will disable the system if there is insufficient mud-pump pressure
  • Monitors the drum position and senses the driller starting to hoist and will disconnect if left engaged
  • Allows the user to set a Ream Speed which will maintain a steady block velocity when off bottom
  • Drill stop point disables the system if block height achieves a user-assigned lower limit
  • The bit protect feature automatically slows block travel as the bit approaches the bottom of the hole
  • Time Drill feature allows the user to set parameters for the system to achieve without overshooting WOB, differential pressure, or torque


  • Saves time by no longer having to come off bottom to release stored torque or a stalled motor
  • Increases accuracy to maximize performance gains
  • Allows the user to set the maximum desired value, with the software achieving the correct balance between them
  • Prevents dry drilling from burning up drill bits
  • Secures the equipment and keeps the driller safe
  • Perfect for re-logging sections missed by MWD and saves time after a connection by tagging bottom
  • Helps prevent rig floor collisions to keep the equipment intact
  • Saves time and money with longer bit life
  • Assists the driller with tasks such as kickoff, side-tracking, and milling
  • e-Wildcat 2.0 Electronic Autodrilling System Flyer (English)

  • e-Wildcat 2.0 Electronic Autodrilling System Flyer (Russian)

  • e-Wildcat 2.0 Automatic Drilling System Handbook

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