e-Wildcat AC Drawworks Autodrilling System

Generate a higher-quality wellbore and optimize your drilling parameters.


The M/D Totco™ e-Wildcat™ AC drawworks electronic autodrilling system, with RigSense™ rigsite information service, interfaces with the rig AC drawworks controls to send set points for the payout to generate a higher quality wellbore and optimize drilling parameters. A seamless electronic interface with the AC drawworks controls provides the benefits of our proven e-Wildcat autodriller without the need for peripheral components. The e-Wildcat AC system offers the same look and feel of our conventional e-Wildcat autodrilling system, but with AC drawworks control features that give an operator the distinct advantage of using our differential pressure control mode. By providing an interface accompanied with specific changes and requirements to install the AC drawworks control system, you can achieve superior performance, including reduced bit wear, improved safety, enhanced rig efficiency, and a higher quality wellbore.

The e-Wildcat AC system interfaces with the rig system and eliminates the need for the drum crawler and the standard e-Wildcat variable frequency drive. The system uses a modified DAQ file and junction box to seamlessly connect to the rig-owned control system—built-in safety features allow the driller to maintain control of the drawworks through the joystick.


  • Multiparameter control includes WOB, ROP, differential pressure, and torque loops for rigs with AC drawworks
  • Connects to the drawworks control for universal application
  • Drill stop point
  • Hydraulic cutout
  • Patented bit protect feature


  • Allows user to select desired mode of control
  • Interacts different modes simultaneously for tuning of the control
  • Provides easy integration into rig control systems
  • Minimizes footprint at the wellsite; eliminates the need for autodriller motors and lift units
  • Saves kelly bushings and adds operational convenience
  • Stops drilling if pump pressure is lost; will not drill dry
  • Manages initial weight transfer of bit to the formation and reduces wear on bits
  • e-Wildcat AC Drawworks Autodrilling System

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