Power station with wires and ports.

Electrical Power Substation Tank

Just like Containment Solutions Oil Water Separator but specifically engineered for transformer failure or leaks.

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Fiberglass tanks of adequate size and appropriately designed internal piping (with or without an Oil Stop Valve) will allow rainwater to flow through the system unimpeded. If there is a transformer leak or failure, the oil would enter the tank and be captured.

The addition of an oil stop valve to the outlet pipe of the tank will ensure the oil is contained.

Even though oil-filled operational equipment as defined 40 CFR 112.2 are exempt from the secondary containment requirement, the sites must still comply with the spill prevention, control, and countermeasures (SPCC) rules to prevent oil from entering the navigable waters of the United States.

Containment Solutions interceptors reduce particulates and hydrocarbons in industrial waste water prior to sewer discharge.

From facilities requiring treatment prior to sewer discharge of

  • Storm water flows
  • Oil spills
  • Drain discharges
  • Contain the oil from electric power substations
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