Electronic Sensors and Transducers

Electronic Sensors and Transducers

In-house designed and manufactured strain gauge–based tension, compression, and pressure sensors built and tested to the highest environmental standards.

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We design and manufacture strain gauge–based tension, compression, and pressure sensors from the highest-quality traceable materials in-house. Every sensor is fully tested using methods and equipment traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology and ISO 9001.

Our seal-welded sensors protect our internal strain gauges and signal-conditioning electronics from harsh environments while active on-board temperature compensation ensures accuracy and repeatability of the 4- to 20-mA output over the full temperature range. Other available outputs are 0 to 5 Volts, mV/V, and voltage out.

Our sensors are certified for use in hazardous locations throughout the oil and gas industry and industrial markets both domestically and internationally. Most sensor products hold ATEX, UL, IECEx, and CE certifications.

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