EPO | Engine Performance Optimizer

EPO | Engine Performance Optimizer

Real-time insight into engine health and efficiency.

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The M/D Totco™ Engine Monitoring solution provides a window into your engine’s usage, making blind operations a thing of the past. Engine data is captured and transferred in real-time to our RigSense™ EDR, where it is correlated with drilling data. Key engine data can be displayed directly on the strip chart so that engine efficiency can be evaluated in correlation with the rig’s current activity. Easily monitor engine efficiency and health benchmarks by setting alarms at rig-site or in the office via our WellData™ RT remote monitoring platform. You will be instantly notified either on the screen or via email when an alarm has been triggered so immediate action can be taken. With optimal engine loading and fuel consumption monitoring, the number of unscheduled maintenance events are substantially lowered, helping both the drilling contractor and operator.

Plug and play visualization into engine health

  • Correlate engine data and EDR data to provide clarity on how engines are impacted by rig activity
  • Analyze engine loads and fuel consumption in real-time to maximize efficiency
  • Compatible with most electronically controlled engines
  • Minimize unexpected maintenance events

On-site and remote collaboration

  • Easily monitor engine efficiency and health benchmarks by setting alarms at rig-site or remotely
  • Seamlessly export engine and drilling data for any well

Environmentally responsible

  • Provide insights to reduce carbon footprint, including fuel consumption and engine emissions
  • Integrate with dual fuel systems that allow alternative fuel and power sources
  • Engine Monitoring Flyer

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