EPO | Engine Performance Optimizer

Real-time insight into engine health and efficiency.


Know your optimal load.

Engine Performance Optimizer (EPO) offers real-time guidance on engine load, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from inefficient usage. The system combines engine data with operational data, continually evaluating the energy needed versus the energy applied. Inefficiencies are highlighted on a user-friendly dashboard, with clear visibility of the potential costs of inaction. EPO includes a built-in workflow, and extended periods of inefficient engine load are promptly escalated to designated personnel.

EPO, in combination with remote real-time monitoring and dashboards for fleet trend analysis, delivers the necessary advice, workflow, and metrics to lower fuel-related expenses and reduce environmental impact.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides real-time advice for optimal engine load based on established thresholds
  • Offers escalation process for visibility and action
  • Provides understanding of the financial and environmental consequences of suboptimal usage
  • Highlights trends and opportunities for improvement
  • Extend EPO capabilities with Remote Emissions Monitoring (REM) for direct emissions measurements
  • Engine Performance Optimizer Flyer

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