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A tube connected to a machine unit dispenses liquid into a trough

Enhanced Coiled Tubing Solutions

Our enhanced coiled tubing solutions are backed by more than 25 years of experience and expertise—more than any other coiled tubing manufacturer in the world.

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From wireline installations to concentric strings and flash removal, we understand your operations require specific resources to get the job done effectively.

We work closely with you to fulfill all requirements and explore additional services you may require. Our fully equipped facilities and expertise in these special jobs ensure we can provide exactly what you need, every time.

Cable injection and removal

We perform in-house injections and removals by using the CTES™ cable injector. This system greatly reduces costs compared to vertical or horizontal installations and quickly installs cable without reducing the fatigue life of your coiled tubing string while it remains on the spool.

Cable installations generally take a full 8 hours to complete and can be performed with e-line sizes ranging from 732 to 1532 in. OD. The cables that can be injected in coiled tubing are dependent on the tubing and cable ODs.

Concentric string assembly

At Quality Tubing, we are able to install small-OD tubing inside larger-OD tubing, resulting in a concentric string. By going to an off-site location, we can completely lay down the entire length of the string for insertion with a special injector.

The most common application for this product is sand cleanouts, but it can be used successfully for other unique operations such as drilling fluid, evaluating completion integrity, H2S inhibition, multilateral wells, and hydrate and filter cake removal.

We have successfully installed tubing lengths from 2,000 to 20,000 ft. The most common concentric string sizes we have inserted are 1 in. inside of 2-in. OD tubing and 1.25 in. inside of 2.375-in. OD tubing. We will look into the feasibility of other sizes upon request.

Internal flash removal

For certain applications, the inner flash can be removed from the tubing with specific designs. After the flash is cut, we remove the inner flash by pumping a high volume of water through the tubing at a predetermined rate to expel the cut flash from the tubing’s ID.

Special component installations and removals

In addition to installing concentric strings, we perform installations and removals of multiple items through coiled tubing. Common pull-through jobs include Incoloy tubes with fiber optics or an 18-AWG single conductor, stainless-steel tubes, bundles of tubes or insulated conductors, ESP power, and EM cables.

Technicians observe a tubing unit

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