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Vessel render with floating wind farm in background

Enhydra MSOV

A Modular Service and Operations Vessel (MSOV) for the next step in offshore wind farm operations.

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Enhydra MSOV is a Modular Service and Operations Vessel for the next step in offshore wind farm operations.

GustoMSC's Enhydra Modular Service and Operations Vessel (MSOV) is a novel and versatile concept to optimize offshore wind farm operations and maintenance for bottom fixed and floating wind.

Expanding on GustoMSC's successful offshore wind installation portfolio, the Enhydra MSOV series of wind farm support vessels provide operations and maintenance solutions for offshore wind farms.

As offshore wind farms scale up in size and complexity, robust operations and maintenance strategies are required. The MSOV concept provides a modular and integrated approach to optimize not only operations and maintenance but also deliver a full life cycle approach to the offshore wind farm, from construction to decommissioning.

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The Enhydra MSOV unlocks capabilities beyond those of the traditional SOV.


  • Methanol-powered, providing zero SOx and reduced NOx emissions
  • Integrated yet modular mission deck equipment
  • Can operate in sea states of 4.0 m Hs
  • Designed for 150 to 180 people on board
  • Superior crew welfare facilities
  • 1,300 m2 of free deck space
  • Energy storage system, power regeneration, and shore power compatible

Main characteristics MSOV


Length overall

140 m

Length between perpendiculars

135 m


28 m

D main deck

11.9 m


7.5 m


12,500 t


13 kn


60 days

DP class


Bollard pull

160 t


150 - 180 POB

150 cabins


Power generation & utilities

Installed power

16,000 kW

# Generator sets



3,000 m3

Alternative fuel capacity

1,500 m3

Fresh water

1,000 m3


Propulsion and DP

Tunnel thrusters

2 x 2,000 kW

Azimuth thrusters

2 x 3,500 kW

1 x 2,000 kW

Total thruster power

13,000 kW


Classification, regulations

DNV or ABS Crane Vessel Notation

DP2 station keeping notation (upgradable)

IMO - Special Purpose Code


Offshore logistics

Gangway System


Active Motion Compensation (AMC)


30+ m

Integrated elevator



Yes (trolley & integrated crane)

Main crane


knuckle boom


150 - 250 t


10 m

Max outreach

35 m


Yes, Motion Compensated



26 m (Sikorsky S-92 capable)



15 m


10 - 15

Boat Landing

Yes (Port & Starboard side

Additional equipment


Yes, inclusive of launch system


Yes, optional


Illustration of a sea otter underwater with a boat, rig and wind turbine above water

The Enhydra series design characteristics resemble the unique physical and behavioral features of the sea otter (Enhydra). This marine mammal is one of the few that uses tools when hunting and feeding. The sea otter also uses its streamlined body design to efficiently perform deep dives to the seafloor along with adapting its lung capacity to float effectively on the surface. Being the largest of its species, the Enhydra is highly adapted to its environment.

The MSOV concept is a disruptive technology for the life cycle of an offshore wind farm.

The main crane is based on NOV's proven AHC knuckle boom crane with integrated heave compensation in a fully electric and closed-loop hydraulic version. Additionally, the crane is fitted with a unique motion control on its main hoist, giving superior load control at an extended stand-off position while eliminating the need for a separate motion compensated crane.

In addition, the Enhydra MSOV is designed to take a full suite of daughter craft and unmanned subsea, surface, and aerial assets and features integrated personnel transfer capabilities such as boat landings and helideck. GustoMSC has incorporated this additional modular capability into the MSOV's design using the experience and track record of Remacut's cable-lay systems and equipment.


Unlocking new capabilities

Wind farms are heading farther offshore and in deeper waters, so vessels must be able to operate safely, effectively and longer in these harsh environments. The MSOV's larger design allows for the mobilization of additional equipment, increased comfort, and capabilities far beyond current construction/service operation vessels. This versatile workhorse is designed for cable repair and change-out, subsea inspection and intervention, and mooring installation.

Full suite of tools for wind farm operations

As a service operations vessel, the Enhydra MSOV features a full suite of tools in its mission equipment package to enhance its operability. The primary assets are its motion compensated crane and gangway, providing optimal transfer of people and goods to and from the wind farm assets.

Modular capabilities

As installed offshore wind power capacity increases, so will the transmission infrastructure. This increased subsea cable footprint will see more failures caused by environmental and human interactions. Therefore, assets that can efficiently and effectively repair the grid and move the power again are required.

Render of a Enhydra MSOV with wind turbines in the background

The MSOV is a versatile solution to minimize lost energy production caused by cable damage.

To make this modular capability work, the mission equipment package is fully integrated into the design with respect to efficient deck and equipment layouts, power supply and regeneration, and controls. Thus, the mission equipment can be efficiently mobilized and fully integrated into an efficient working ship.

Collaborative effort for streamlining your offshore operations.

The MSOV is a collaboration across NOV's Marine and Construction business unit.  A GustoMSC™ vessel design offers an extensive and flexible deck layout to integrate mission equipment such as electric subsea cranes from our experienced Lifting and Handling group and proven Remacut™ cable-lay, installation, and repair equipment. To further maximize workability, endurance, and reliability, NOV offers multilayer active heave compensation for safe handling during crane operations along with the PowerBlade™ kinetic energy recovery system to further reduce CO2 emissions. By leveraging NOV's global resources and unrivaled aftermarket services, the Enhydra series vessels are supported throughout their lifespan.

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