Ensis Series

Wind Foundation Installation Vessels – Huge Transport and Lifting Capacity


Offshore heavy lift and foundation installation vessel

Based on GustoMSC’s successful crane vessel designs, the ENSIS series of heavy lift crane vessel designs have focused explicitly on the offshore wind installation market. The vessel is optimized for installing large monopiles; its multi-purpose nature also enhances the installation of jacket-type foundations and a wide range of activities in the offshore construction market.


  • Integrated vessel design, crane specification and deck mission equipment design
  • Multi-purpose heavy lift capability by optimized crane placement
  • Focused on monopile and jacket installation whilst offering great flexibility for all types of offshore heavy lift work
  • Designed to minimize environmental footprint
  • Prepared for energy reclamation and storage systems, prepared for future fuels
  • Designed to be fully customized to meet client specific requirement

The ENSIS designs specifically address the growing market for foundation installation in offshore wind installation.

With monopiles expanding to 3,500 tons and jackets increasing in height, footprint, and weight, new and robust capabilities require to execute installation campaigns efficiently. This requires a well-balanced combination of capabilities of the heavy lift crane vessel integrated with the heavy lift crane, the deck mission equipment such as skidding systems, upending hinge, and gripper. GustoMSC incorporates this in its vessel design through its unique combination of heavy lift crane vessel design, in-house crane and deck equipment expertise, and its advanced analysis capabilities that integrate the vessel design and the mission equipment.

The powerful workhorses are designed with a heavy-duty tub crane, a high lifting capacity, extensive outreach, and lifting height, enhanced by the optimized position. All designs offer an expansive and flexible deck layout providing ample space for monopiles, jackets, deck mission equipment, and additional auxiliary equipment. With an optimized location of the heavy lift crane, the vessel designs are prepared to integrate the deck mission equipment, such as skidding, monopile handling, and monopile grippers.

ENSIS series heavy lift crane vessels

The ENSIS series comprises a range of vessels and is developed to be flexible in meeting and expanding to specific client wishes. Presently three designs have been developed as part of the ENSIS series.

All these designs are fully customizable to specific needs and can be expanded to even higher capabilities.

Together with the NOV Heavy Lift and Remacut group in NOV’s Marine & Construction business unit the ENSIS designs can be offered as a completely and uniquely integrated design with heavy lift crane and deck mission equipment offering, benefiting from the combination of GustoMSC’s design and engineering expertise and NOV’s OEM expertise.

ENSIS 5000

Large and capable, with a 5,000t or larger heavy lift crane integrated into its design, and designed around the ultra-large monopiles and jacket needs, including the integrated deck mission equipment

ENSIS 4000

Featuring a more compact design than its larger compatriot, the ENSIS 4,000 targets the large monopile market, optimized for large monopiles whilst capable of handling ultra-large monopiles, this design offers specific benefits for e.g. the US market

ENSIS 3000

An agile vessel designed for very high efficiency in installing monopiles in a compact design

A large operating envelope is provided by both a robust dynamic positioning system and an optional mooring system, with enhanced capabilities to extend the operating conditions beyond those previously available in crane vessel designs. The ship-shaped hull allows continuous operations and serial installation to improve workability and good seakeeping.

It features reduced resistance and a balanced hull shape, and lower power consumption. Furthermore, it is fully prepared for the inclusion of energy reclamation and storage systems, and for alternative fuels such as methanol or hydrogen. IMO MARPOL Tier IV readiness further reduces the environmental footprint.


ENSIS series heavy lift crane vessels

Main particulars

ENSIS 3000

ENSIS 4000

ENSIS 5000

Hull length & width (m)

182.5 x 45

185 x 44

226 x 55

Operational draught

8 – 10

9 – 11

8 – 11

Accommodation (#)




Design speed (kn)




DP Class




Position mooring




Deadweight (t)


> 30,000

> 30,000

Deck area (m¢)




Main Crane

Tub crane

Tub crane

Tub crane

Crane (t@m)

3,[email protected]



Hook height above deck




Auxiliary hook




Integrated Systems

Motion compensated gripper and upending hinge

Typical foundation range

Monopiles (t)

12x 1,250t

6x 1,750t

Up to 3,000t

4x 2,000t

Up to 4,500t

6x 3,000t

Jackets (m)

4x 25x25m

3x 28x28m

6x 30x30m


  • Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance Brochure

ENSIS Vessel Render top view

Our designs at work

Ideas may start on paper, but our designs are brought to life each day as they serve the marine and offshore industries. View our reference list of field-proven designs and vessels.

GustoMSC Reference List

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