Enviro Single Pack-Off

Positive protection during well service operations.


The Elmar™ Enviro™ single hydraulic pack-off is compact, reliable, and robust. Its tulip design and extended lower body provide cable head support and prevent cable damage during rigging operations. Engineered to wipe clean moving cable under pressure, this lightweight solution is used for open-hole, low-pressure cased hole, and swabbing operations.

Built around the cable before the wireline tool is lowered into the well, the pack-off squeezes the independent rubber element wrapped around the wire, which then seals the cable’s outer armor against the well pressure and wipes the wire free of fluid. The sealing element will seal on a cable provided the cable is well seasoned or pre-filled.

The Enviro single pack-off’s design allows easy replacement of the rubber element in direct contact with the wire and hassle-free access to the line-sized components. The pack-off is rated to 5,000-psi working pressure (static wireline) and H2S service and offers a quick union lower connection, providing wellhead flexibility using a range of crossovers.

To operate the Elmar Enviro single pack-off, a 0- to 3,000-psi hand pump and hose is required.

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