EnviroVac Rig Vacuum System

The EnviroVac rig vacuum pump turns tough cleaning jobs into simple tasks.


Accelerated transfer and clean-up of liquids and slurries

Superior operational performance as well as unitized packaging make the EnviroVac rig vacuum system extremely efficient and flexible in a variety of applications. By routing pick-up lines to specified areas where liquid or slurry spills may occur, the EnviroVac can be used for performing a variety of clean-up duties.

Unitized packaging

The unitized packaging allows the EnviroVac to be assembled on a single skid. This space-saving design incorporates the vacuum pump, collection vessel (with safety float switch), and filter vessel. Once a power supply is installed and piping/hoses are routed to the desired pick-up points, the EnviroVac is ready for duty.

The EnviroVac can operate manually or automatically and is designed for simple, effective operation. In manual vacuum mode, the safety shutdown functions remain in operation to protect the blower from ingesting liquid. In the manual discharge mode, there is no shutdown. Once the tank is empty, the unit becomes an air blower. In the automatic mode, the unit will fill and discharge automatically. Time-delay relays (on vacuum start and discharge start), along with the option to operate the relays in interval mode, give the operator maximum operating flexibility.


EviroVac Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions (L × W × H) 126 × 72 × 92¼ in. (3200 × 1829 × 2343 mm)
Weight 5,300 lb (2404 kg)
Blower 15.5 in Hg (394 mm Hg) at 600 cfm vacuum
  6 psi at 800 cfm pressure
Tank capacity 550 gallons (2.08 m3)
Cycle capacity 325 gallons (1.23 m3)
Inlet 3 × 2 in. (76.2 × 50.8 mm)
Outlet 6 in. (152.4 mm)
Drive system Belt drive, 30 hp, 1,750 rpm, 230/460 VAC, 60 Hz
  Explosion proof (other VAC and Hz available)
  Belt drive, 22 kW, 1,450 rpm, 220/380 rm, 50 Hz, end
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Front view render of EnviroVac Rig Vacuum System
Back view render of EnviroVac Rig Vacuum System