eSpectrum Rigsite Backup System

Secure, reliable data backup


The M/D Totco™ eSpectrum rigsite backup system eliminates the threat of data loss during drilling operations. Previously known as Spectrum, we’ve taken our reliable backup system and modernized its UI and increased functionality, all while maintaining a minimal footprint. Working independently or in parallel with our industry-leading RigSense™ electronic drilling recorder, the system communicates directly with a data acquisition unit to display critical drilling parameters on a single touch-friendly HMI. Setpoints for each parameter can be adjusted either through the RigSense or eSpectrum systems, allowing for multiple access points. The eSpectrum offering protects and logs data in the event of connectivity loss for more than a week so you never lose information on key parameters. Trust that your drilling data is preserved regardless of connectivity to ensure operations continue to run seamlessly, all backed by our 24/7 global support network.

Secure, reliable data backup

  • Eliminates the threat of data loss with instant backups when the primary instrumentation system loses connectivity
  • Stores drilling data for up to 10 days, ensuring complete visibility into past events

Real-time data monitoring, even with no connectivity

  • Continue to monitor and adjust critical channels, enabling drilling operations to continue uninterrupted
  • Adjust parameters instantly on either eSpectrum or RigSense, allowing for multiple access points
  • View key parameters on a single touch-friendly HMI, allowing for real-time decision making

Built with simplicity in mind

  • Minimal hardware footprint – fewer cable runs and connectors
  • Versatile system accepts data from any ModBus data source, allowing for complete customization based on preference
  • M/D Totco offers comprehensive instrumentation system from one service company, removing the need for two or more systems
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