EVC 20 Combustor

With a small footprint, the EVC 20 is an extremely efficient solution for smaller facilities looking for a fully compliant combustor device.


Our EVC 20 has been tested and received US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval relative to the specific performance requirements related to emissions, including Quad O and CFR 60.18. This relieves owners and operators from the burden of performing third-party testing on combustion devices. As part of an existing wellsite or a newly designed pad, the EVC 20 is the ideal choice.


  • Quad 0 compliant
  • Scalable flow rates from 0 to 20 Mscf/d
  • Inlet pressure as low as 2 oz/in² and up to 120 psig
  • Capable of 2,388,400 Btu/hr
  • Enclosed Vapor Combustors Flyer