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eVolve Optimization Service: ADVISE

Apply full drilling data optimization analysis with bottomhole assembly (BHA) design and post-well analysis derived from combined surface and downhole memory-mode measurements.

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An integrated approach to downhole drilling data

Our M/D Totco™ eVolve™ ADVISE service is an integrated drilling approach with an optimization foundation that enhances operations analyses by incorporating downhole drilling data.

ADVISE combines strong technical processes, robust analysis software, specialized downhole tools, and a dedicated project team whose objective is to reduce your overall drilling costs.

ADVISE provides a customizable drilling data service suited to any operation. Our team of specialists will:

  • Review and analyze existing well data
  • Combine surface drilling data with measurements obtained by our suite of BlackBox™ downhole dynamics acquisition tools
  • Identify and address potential performance limiters
  • Analyze rock properties and formation characteristics
  • Highlight potential drilling risks and propose solutions to mitigate dysfunction
  • Identify drilling parameters that lead to destructive vibration modes
  • Evaluate torque and drag, mechanical specific energy, buckling, and other dynamic behavior
  • Provide formation and depth-based parameter roadmaps
  • Recommend BHA design and components

On-site supervision as well as access to real-time remote monitoring through our Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC) ensure optimum performance. Post-run drilling data analysis and comparison to pre-established benchmarks create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement that will reduce well delivery costs.


  • Downhole drilling data from BHA and drill string locations
    • Enables analysis of dynamic behavior of drilling activities
    • Enables BHA design and component selection recommendations
  • Sophisticated software and planning tools
    • Identifies harmful vibration modes
    • Analyzes rock properties and formation characteristics
  • Driller's roadmap based on depth and formations
    • Follows recommended parameters at every depth
    • Empowers team with historically successful parameter combinations
  • Customized offering and optimization strategy
    • Ensures solution is unique to your specific challenges
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