eVolve Control tracking screens in a drillers cabin

eVolve Optimization Service: CONTROL

Improve the execution phase of your drilling operations and further drive performance through drilling automation with surface data-driven control applications.

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Our M/D Totco™ eVolve™ Optimization Service delivers superior drilling performance through enhanced control of the rig and systems. CONTROL offers innovative, surface-based hardware and software packages that reduce drilling dysfunction and streamline drilling-program implementation. These applications seamlessly integrate with NOV's state-of-the-art control systems to improve your operation. Products in development will communicate downhole data via mud-pulse and electromagnetic signal to enhance the software and control capabilities and further improve operational efficiency.

CONTROL offers the following:

  • Automated stick/slip and torsional vibration prevention and mitigation
  • Automatic drilling parameter and mechanical specific energy (MSE) optimization
  • A premium data acquisition system

Our Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC) ensures optimum performance of these systems through remote monitoring and support for your rigsite and office teams.

These advanced controls and software deliver proven performance while reducing the likelihood of tool and equipment damage, reaching a new level of drilling performance and technology.


  • Stick/slip and torsional vibration prevention and mitigation
    • Reduces damage to bottomhole assembly components and drill string fatigue
    • Improves borehole quality
    • Increases available energy for drilling, which improves performance
  • Automatic drilling parameter and MSE optimization
    • Seeks best combination of weight-on-bit and revolutions-per-minute parameters
    • Reduces system MSE
  • Premium data acquisition system
    • Improves drilling data quality with superior sensors and direct measurements
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